Sunday, October 30, 2011



It's a craze taking over the world. If you haven't heard of it, get that rock you've been hiding under off, then head here and request an invite.
Thats right, request an invite. Sound pretentious? Oh well. It's worth it.

Thanks to having hip friends who know something is awesome before it's officially awesome, (cough. nat) I've known about Pinterest for a little while, and had one for a little while.

Therefore I've spent many an hours perusing the clothing, convincing myself I could DIY drapes/pillows/skirts, deciding I could be a master baker, and that I know exactly how I will want my wedding to be.

Basically in my pinterest world I feel that I am everything I ever wanted to be/do.

Since I realized how pathetic this is I've decided to try a few things I've pinned! Hopefully this will continue and I can justify my pinning by sharing my real life doing of those things.

So far I've....

False: THIS DINNER IS BLAND. It is not as good as the photo may appear. It was... fine. But bland. And when I decide to take the time to actually cook I don't settle for bland.

Crafted this cool picture frame.

Their version: