Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"We've Got the Real King James"

That was what my favorite sign I saw at the BYU/Colorado game said. I loved it for two reasons
1-It was kinda funny being a religious institution and all

2-"we don't worship him." really? Then why was that one guy literally bowing after some shots. and "king"... seriously?

Yes, being at a BYU basketball game this week was quite the experience. Not only was I at the game but I was on the 5th row and everything is better down there... well except for the fact that I realized how comparatively short Jimmer is. I did have a nice view of Elder Bednar and Cecil, so that was exciting(are they even not in suits?). And it was a lot of fun trying to figure out what all the little cheers meant. And of course-the basketball was pretty darn good.

There was something shiny and bright about this game though. It wasn't necessarily the countenances of the students (one kid by us said the f word), or the bright lights and flashy music, or even the excitement of a bunch of boys simply playing for the love of the game. No, the bright and shiny was the sweet kicks the team wore for cancer awareness, it was the first time I was envious of basketball shoes!

I had a great time hanging with Lins, and we even got free cake.... 2 days late, but still free cake is always good. I just can't believe we didn't take any pictures! Oh well.

BYU game-5th row-saw Jimmer play... chalk it up as another necessary Provo experience :)

Post Edit.......................................

I feel like an idot. the end.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks Be To Abe, George, and yes, even you Obama

I am so grateful for long weekends, and this past one was no exception. 4 days was the perfect amount of time to get my fill of sandy and provo, study a little, and sleep a lot. By Friday I was in great need of some r&r and I decided all I wanted to do this weekend was chill.

I went home to Sandy where I was, as always when I come home, spoiled. This time with delicious food, lots of laughter, games with the cousins (liars dice? who knew that was so fun!), naps, cuddling with the puppy, movies and sweet tooth fairy cake bites. What could be better?

Saturday my mom Abbie and I headed over to the movies and along with a large dc and those above mentioned cake bites enjoyed this film...
and yes we all loved it. It was amazing. I was speechless (no pun intended). I know it's rated R, and I know that some people may not see it because of that... all I can say is I'm so glad I saw it.(the language was a little strong at parts though...just so you know) And I'm willing to bet $$ that it wins best picture on Sunday. (Anyone else love the Oscars?)

I was really impressed by every one's performance in it, but especially Helena's. Who knew? I mean I always thought she was good at that crazy stuff she usually does, but I had no idea how talented she really is. And Collin? amazing... no surprise there though. I left the theater inspired, and so impressed by what I had just seen.....(and yea, missing England)

Now, I ask, how do you finish a day that started off with such a great movie? Oh some cafe rio, shopping, good friends, and another movie. This one had a little more music, but just as much inspiration...
Although it was a 180 from The King's Speech, I also loved Justin Beiber's Never Say Never. Mock if you must, however I'm convinced that anyone that sees this will gain respect for the kid. It far exceeded my expectations. And the whole 3-D aspect just adds so much to those dramatic hair flips. I have to admit that I kind of fell in love a little bit in this movie-with jaden smith. "no pun intended i was raised by the power of will"
love. and his hair. oh man. what a cutie.

And of course my deep love for usher was only increased. With plenty of family ties, joking around, good music, celeb appearances, and drama (oh no, he is sick??!!) the only thing this movie could have done to improve itself is show usher shirtless.

I'm just sayin.

Stace and I left dancing, literally, and we LOVED rockin the stylish glasses. So glad that this is how we decided to spend our Saturday night.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Time I Was Nervous

It was my first Sunday in England. I had been there for four days. I was barely adjusting to the 8 hour time difference, the volume of curl my hair began to experience due to the humidity, and I was living in a house with 37 others, most of whose names I couldn't yet remember.

I knew Sundays would be the hard days. The days that I would miss home. And here I was, running late, on a train to "Blackheath" where I was told I would get out and walk up a hill. Those were our instructions. That was it.

We had some problems on the tube, and as such we missed our train. By the time we sat down I was already exhausted from trying to figure it all out. As I sat there making small talk with Sarah and Devri, I watched out the window closely. I said a silent prayer as I contemplated the fact that I was, indeed, living very far from home and very much on my own.

And just after passing over the river, and heading out of the city I saw this out my window:
It became the theme of my semester. It was, in a very direct way, an answer to my prayers a reminder that although on my own, I wasn't nor ever would be, alone.

In my e-mail home that night I wrote:

"Ok there is this awesome building on the way to church and it's old and out of the way. Painted on it it says, "Take Courage" Isn't that my theme for this whole semester? Courage to come out here on my own? Courage to grow up? Courage to try something new? Courage to be content with myself? Courage to make new friends, experience new culture, lead a different life?"

And every week I looked at that building, and the difference courage was making in my life. That first Sunday I had no idea how the courage I gained (and sometimes faked) would change my life. It brought me new friends. I brought me a deep love for the Catford ward, for England, for professors, for girls that became sisters. It brought me experiences I'd never dreamed of (wading into the fountain at the louvre?) It helped me love life, people, the gospel and myself. Something I didn't have the courage to do before.

But this is not just "another London post". I loved London, but I've moved on I promise. Today I love Provo, well-at least my life here. And the reason I love it more than I ever have before is because of one lesson I learned on a train in England:

Take Courage

So, everyday I do just that.

(And tomorrow I'm doing it with my hair! Wish me luck...)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sometimes You Just Know

Sometimes knowing if something is right or wrong for you makes it easier, usually it makes it pretty hard because then you have to act on that knowledge.

However, not knowing is just as hard. I'm not talking major bad or good things. But simple things that make a big difference in the end. Major? Mission? Job? School? Where to live?

Those kind of things.

Someone I love explained it like this

"I didn't know what I wanted until all of a sudden I knew and then I just knew that I knew."

Yesterday I learned what my phrase is...

"I didn't know what to do, until I knew that in not knowing, I knew."

Confusing, but yet so simple to me. It was my much needed answer to lifes big questions.

So, if you don't know yet trust that its ok, and that if it's important you will know what to do. You'll just know.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Karma Revisited

Dad is sick. He had a cough, a runny nose, and body aches. Which is what I had a few weeks ago before it decided to morph into the worst sinus infection/ear infection of my life.
Yea, I know-only kids get ear infections. I guess I am still a kid. I'll continue to order Happy Meals in that case.
This is really sad news for Dad. However he is on the mend... and guess what he started experiencing yesterday?
That's right just like I had. So, I guess all the stressing and worry about what was supposedly stressing me out was needless... it was all viral.
Ha. Take that all of you(ahem.. mom) that spent time trying to convince me I was stressed about things I was not stressed about. I told you an eye twitch was a serious matter. But did you believe me? No, and now my poor father is suffering as well.
Although he told me not to worry about it too. Karma for him maybe?
Either way, I know, having suffered through this tragedy myself that he'll be just fine. Eye twitch cure: 1 hour sleep, 1 hour tv, 1 hour online shopping consecutively and all while laying in bed.
I wish you well Dad :)
(And would just like to suggest that maybe you and Mom take the Public Health major a little more seriously when she talks about health matters)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Combating English Envy

At this very moment I'm experiencing an intense case of England envy. I envy every man, woman and child that is there now. I envy those living at 27 Palace Court. I envy whoever is sleeping in my bunk, and whoever spent this Sunday in the Catford Ward Primary. I envy each person who can hear Ben's bells toll and each who gets to take in the beauty of the Lake district. That's a lot of envy.
(York, England)
Yes, I know... you aren't suppose to be envious of others. I tried to be happy for them though, I really did. It didn't really work so much as it made me more envious. What can I say? I'm kind of a flawed individual.

But seeing how I wont be returning to England, or Europe, for a very long time I need to find some ways to fight off this envy.

A few things helped me out with that today:

1-Lisa Mitchell. Ok, she was born in England and apparently is there lots of the time. So obviously I'm still envious. But if I can't be in England at least I can take in her beautiful English voice while smiling and humming along to Coin Laundry.

2-The Super Bowl. Now, the super bowl has never really been a HUGE deal at our house. Don't get me wrong, we definitely have watched it every year I can remember. However since it falls on Fast Sunday we're off to Aunt Debbie's to take in the game with the family. Now would be a good time to remind you all how much I love football. Every Sunday this past autumn my ipod alarm would go off and wake me up. As I laid there trying to get up and get going for my day I'd quickly pull up the Utah football score of the night before on my ipod. If I couldn't watch the boys play I'd at least follow how they were doing. So, football today is reminding me how great America is and what England lacks. Soccer... seriously not as cool.

(We were cheering for the Packers... but in an effort to reach out to all I made two Steelers cookies as well)

3-Strobel cookies. Yes, they really do cure everything. Especially when combined with m&ms.

4-Awesome friends. (Even if they gang together to text awkward questions to me at really inopertune times) I'm grateful for all my friends here in Utah and I don't know what I'd do without them all in my life.

Last but not least:
5-This quote, and the patience it's helping me learn in my life:

"Since faith in the timing of the Lord may be tried, let us learn to say not only "Thy will be done," but patiently also, "Thy timing be done."

I have no idea what my life holds in store for me. As I watch my friends make big decisions about missions, boys, schooling, internships and everything else that I feel to young to decide I remember that my life will be great. I just need to enjoy the journey of it and practice patience in all things. And remember that as long as I'm doing my part it's all in his hands.

So, if by chance you're feeling a little England envy, or any other kind of disappointment, I hope these cures work for you as well. Oh and if you need some strobel cookies to make it better just let me know.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


One time I had this roommate who had this boy that was into her. He was a really nice guy, but she just wasn't feelin it. However, I quite enjoyed when she'd bring him around. Not because I liked him or anything, but because he had this twitch that intrigued me.
I know, I'm horrible.
But, you'll be happy to know that karma has come and I've learned my eye has been twitching for 5 days now.
Or at least it was.. (knock on wood) until today. You see I've been reading that eye twitches are often caused by stress. Which is fine except for the fact that this is my easy week, my test-less week. What is stressing me out? Is it calc? Is it finances? Is it family or friend stuff? Is it all mental? Is it physiology because that class is crazy hard...? Could I be stressed about looking cute now that I don't live with just girls? AH!
All these questions were stressing me out more than anything. So, today I took it easy. After classes I watched tv. I took a nap. I went to pilates. I cooked dinner. And now, I'm blogging.
After that I'm going to bed. My goal is 10:30.
And you know what.. I think I may have cured my little twitch. It hasn't happened since before my nap. Maybe I was stressed because I wasn't napping enough? Or used to this much hard work? (this semester is a tough one!)
Either way it's for fine now. And I promise to never be anything but extremely sorry for my little friend with a twitch.
(Oh, I totally tried to video my twitch, but it has stage fright... and I felt like an idot)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Once Vowed to Use this Phrase

A couple months ago I told you all about a very very cold day. A very cold day made worse by the fact that we didn't have hot water or a heater to warm up with at the end of the day.
Ok, I may have taken some artistic liberties on that post and exaggerated just a bit. I'll admit it was a little overly dramatic. The titanic reference was probably a bit too much... But it was the coldest I could remember being. And we really did have no heat in the London center.
Well, as I headed out the door at 7:45 this morning I had one thought run through my head:

"Wow. I don't remember the last time I was this cold."
And then it hit me....
"This is Stonehenge cold."

Consequently England has been on my mind the rest of the day. As I've rushed from class to class bundled up in my coat and gloves praying that the wind will die down just a bit I thought about that day at Stonehenge.

I thought a lot about that day two months ago with the beautiful sunshine, but no warmth. I thought about trying to take jumping pictures, about conversations with Penny and Jess about whys some are warmer than others, about how much faster the last half of our loop around the stones was as the sun sunk down in the sky.
Then I was almost run over by the BYU track team. (me and my record of nearly running into and nearly being run over by the track team.. its slightly embarrassing.)

After crossing the street and being a safe distance away from the runners I couldn't help but smile, and laugh quietly.

(even if it did make my teeth cold)

I smiled because of that day at Stonehenge, because of how hilarious the whole no hot water fiasco was, because of nearly getting run over by the track team, and because that despite frigid temperatures I was very happy.
Happy for many reasons, one of which being that I finally got to use the phrase "Stonehenge cold".

Then I came home, made hot chocolate and looked through some London pictures.

Oh-and told all of you that today really was "Stonehenge cold"