Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes God Gives Us Exactly What we Asked for,

And then follows it with somethings we definetally didn't ask for
(corner of bed frame falling directly onto knee cap, smell of smoke enveloping the apartment, scratched DVD)
The trick is to remember the rain.
God is so good.

Summer Decisions...

Summer is full of difficult decisions. The one I'm currently debating:
Do I buy this lovely dress,

these wonderful Sperry's,
or this mustard cardigan?
As trivial as this question may seem, it's been a great internal debate (complete with pro/con list) in my head. PLEASE give your opinion, advise, counsel, etc. ASAP.
(Clothes and shoes make me smile... a little superficial, but also a little worth it)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

England on My Mind...

Lately I've been thinking England. And stalking these 2 things:
1-The final Harry Potter world premier in London last week
2-My favorite British couple's North America tour
And I've been craving galexy bars and jelly snakes. A walk around Notthing Hill. A trip to Trafalgar. A ride on the train to Blackheath and a quiet, cloudy evening meeting in the sitting room of 27 Palace Court. (I'm not craving the meal that would follow such a meeting however)
But those things make me sad so lets focus on these....

(maybe they should have put dan rad on the step above the other two..)
Wow, my favorite spot in the city turned into a beautiful premiere.
Don't you just love all the umbrellas?
I am in a never-ending state of awe when it comes to her.
And I love it with the jacket as well... such class.

Tom.. so attractive

but Rupert has my heart

Did I ever tell you she was my neighbor in London... some of my friends ran into her a couple times... at the local pub, walking with her tesco bags and starbucks. yea lonodn was that awesome..
And now for my favorite photo...

It's crazy to think this is the end of the Harry Potter movies. I grew up with Potter. The first movie came out when I was 11-a would-be Hogwarts first year. And here it is, all done.

And now on to my very favorite (and the most fashionable) princess..

A good princess also looks stunning going casual. (Beauty and the Beast taught me this)
love the sleeves on this next one
Ok this next one was my favorite, until she got to California.

love the cut of this one, and she knows how to rock a hat a lot better than the cousins
Ah... this one is my very favorite. She looks absolutely magical.
So, it's decided. I need a pair of nude pumps. She pairs them with at least three of the outfits above! And can I also say that she has the most beautiful princess hair.
oh england, my love.
It's been awhile. I know.
But I've been busy. (by busy I mean working, reading, and watching tv)
I've been baking cookies, making french toast, and heating pasta. Plus there is all that time spent in the car driving to Sandy for the weekends.And lately my skin has been dry, so I've had to actually blow dry my hair completely. Do you have any idea how long it takes to blow dry all this hair?Also I've been on a Harry Potter kick. ABC Family Harry Potter marathon was just what I needed this weekend.
To top it all off, my computer got sick. Apparently it was just a virus, however for awhile we were thinking it was (gasp) it was the hard drive.
Well, now my computer is fixed (thanks to my amazing cousin) and I guess I'm out of excuses so here is a little update on my life.

.........(crickets chirping)


(still chirping).........

Ok so nothing majorly exciting has happened (perhaps another reason I haven't posted lately) but that doesn't mean life isn't good.
In fact it has been just lovely and here is why:
Hunger Game series read in 6 days.Fireworks. 4 of July BBQ with our favorite family (and playing with the cutest kids).Stalking Kate's North American Tour Wardrobe. Midnight in Paris. Smores. Awesomely painted toe nails. Rainy summer days (ah my absolute favorite). Finally watching Roman Holiday (oh audrey, to have your class). Celebrating Dad's birthday! the Voice, although in my opinion Dia should have won. Harry Potter marathon on ABC family. L o n g phone calls with f a r away friends. Getting a Provo library card. Nights spent visiting my cousins.
See, just lovely.
Now I'm off to Moon Lake. I'll be battling the heat, mosquitoes and of course (shudder) the moths. Wish me luck with that.
I've got to admit though-I haven't been this excited to go since I was a child.