Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Kind of Beauty

Tonight us girls went and saw Charlie St. Cloud.
We were suppose to get a free ticket because we bought my new Sperry's last week.
But the saleslady was VERY nice and gave us 4 tickets so we could all go together, and we wasted no time.

Anyways, it was one of those movies that left me thinking about it long after the credits rolled.

It was truly my kind of beautiful...

Where everyone is dressed like they walked straight out of the j. crew catalogue.
And the cemetery is the main setting.
And death is happy.
And the north west coast paints a setting so picturesque that no one can look at it and believe there is not a God.

Yes, those are my kinds of beauty. And while I have a lot of feelings about some of the subjects addressed in the movie: letting go, death, individual purposes of life I just want to share with you 2 things this movie made me decide:

1-I will learn to sail sometime in my life. It's made the bucket list.

2-I will live in the Northwest for awhile. Seattle has been one of my top 5 favorite places since I first saw it so this is not so surprising.

Oh and a bonus- a life lesson:

From now on I will not wear mascara to movies. :)

(If you've see this movie let me know what you think.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Feel Like July is for Beautiful Things...

Like 3rd of July fireworks... because everyone knows the Utah mormons don't participate in such activities on a sunday :)

And sunsets that leave me in awe...
And two of the cutest kids I've ever had the pleasure of hanging out with. My cousins trip to Ethiopia was a win-win... she got to go serve others, and we got to play with her cute kids. Aren't they adorable!?

(Boss saying "colie" was probably the highlight of my entire month. ADORABLE)
And a baby elephant and her mama! (from the zoo.. not ethiopia)

In fact the entire zoo was beautiful last week...

And there is no debating.. my sisters were the most beautiful animals at the zoo!

Oh, and there was also some fun!
And teasing....
Gotta love it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Parents: I Love You a Million Plumb Cardigans

Remember when I wrote this post?

I had just gotten back from a day long adventure from Provo to Salt Lake. It involved hair cuts, a TV that weighs more then the car we carried it in, and a trip to the Gateway with a new love for beautiful clothes. I was growing into myself as far as style goes, and learning what it is I love.

Since then I've had some rough times.

I've not always been making the progress I'd like to in the area of discovering who I am, and who I want to be. I fall short in many areas more then I'd like to admit. But that day when I wrote that post I got a glimpse of the woman I wanted to be. And you may think it shallow that part of that has to do with beautiful clothes, but honestly, the clothes are just a stepping stone. I knew that if I was wearing something I found beautiful I would have more self confidence, and maybe even begin to think I was beautiful.

Today we went shopping. At first it was depressing, with nothing fitting how I want it to. I'm not the most happy with my body these days, and my hair is often disastrous, combine all that with the "I just ate way too much" guilt and I was near tears in the dressing room.

Then came j. crew. For awhile it was the same story there too. But then I zipped a cute pair of pants up(backwards but that's irrelevant), placed on the plum cardigan, and stepped out of the dressing room. Suddenly the large mirror didn't seem so mocking. My legs didn't look so bad. My hair even kinda worked in it's odd messy bun way.

I smiled. I felt beautiful. I felt confident.

I am a believer in beautiful clothes. Not because it's what the "cool kids" may wear. Not because I want others to like the way I look, or think I'm beautiful (although I'm not discouraging that). No, I am a believer in beautiful clothes because they help me see the beauty in myself. And later, when I'm just laying around in my sweats writing a blog post about those clothes-that others may see as fickle or shallow-that beautiful feeling is still there.

Yes I believe in beautiful clothes. More so though I believe in the beauty that comes from learning that it's not really the clothes at all, but the girl within.

I have a long way to go, but with the help of my bargain finds, I'm ready to continue on the journey of becoming the confident, beautiful woman I want to be....

And each step of the journey will now be all the more easy walking in my new Sperrys. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cheerful Giving

When people ask me what I want to do with my degree in Public Health I mutter off something about getting a masters and teaching, working for an NGO or hospital administration. I tell them I don't really know what I want to do with it.

I say that because I'm afraid to tell them the truth. I'm afraid of the response.

I mean, how am I suppose to explain that my real dream, and purpose in doing this is to change the lives of others without sounding naive?

I want to open clinics, provide treatment and diagnosis opportunities, and more importantly provide knowledge about all aspects of health. From sanitation information, to self confidence workshops, and disease prevention, I want to provide these things to those who have no opportunity to it.

I want to serve.

More than anything.

And today after finishing the book "In a Heartbeat" by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy(yes Tuohy as in on of my favorite movies-The Blind Side), I believe that I really can make a difference. We all can-by serving others to the best of our ability. I'm realizing that it doesn't have to be something extraordinary. I may never end up going on service missions to Africa, or saving thousands of lives, but if I take the knowledge and blessings I have and magnify them through sharing with others, I know even imperfect, flawed me can change a life.

And in the end that is what it's all about.

And all I really want to do with Public Health.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whats Been Filling My Time

Blog stalking the girls in Africa

Movie night with Abbie. We saw this:

And LOVED it! ha ha we always have so much fun at "kid" movies. This one was really cute and hilarious!

Wasting my time watching the Bachelorette... Oh Ali, I really could care less but I'm in love with your final 2. Oh and PS... pretty sure Frank is gay.

Working... selling fence/helping stinky men all day. Yea, not too enviable.

Celebrating this man's birthday party complete with Market Street Clam Chowder, every flavor of oreo imaginable, and lots of fun.

Attending a bridal shower for one of my favorite girls. I couldn't be more happy for her.

Visiting every kind of doctor imaginable to get everything checked before I go. The plan is to avoid dr's in Europe, but lets face it... I'm pretty accident prone.

Playing with the cutest puppy ever!

(please dismiss the frizzy hair... "doing hair" is not on this blog for a reason-it's not getting done!)

And making lists of all the things I need to do, but when it comes to doing said things I tend to just hang with the family instead! Which in the long run is much better for me. Agreed?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

God Bless the Rain Down in... AFRICA

I am so excited to go to London.

And France, and Italy... and wherever else I get the opportunity to journey this fall. Seriously, this was on my bucket list, and the fact that I will be living in another country leaves me ecstatic.

But I'm a dreamer, so I also keep thinking about all the other epic places I want to experience...

And someday, after experiencing Europe in all of it's glorious beauty, I want to go to Africa.


Yes, that Africa.

I always knew Africa was a world away, but it wasn't until I became a public health major that I realized just how different Africa is from the life I know. And personally, as someone who is very blessed in the ways of material things and a higher education (not bill gates blessed but way too blessed to not give back) I feel it my duty to serve my fellow man, and know it would be my privilege to learn from such beautiful people.

These two beauties are there now:

And I stalk their blogs religiously.

They got to volunteer at an HIV clinic, they've taught young girls about self-esteem, they've watched a cataract surgery, and prepped children for vaccines.

Those are my loves...disease, and prevention, and health... and I secretly dream of using my ever increasing knowledge in those fields to change the world someday.

So I can't help but be a little envious of those girls as I sit here in my air conditioned home, eating a full dinner with my healthy, comfortable family.

But for now, blog stalking and prayers for some of my favorite girls is as close as I'll get. And my excitement for them will continue to far out way the envy.
But someday I'm going there.
Just wait and see!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Feel Like...

I should blog.
However, I don't have anything super exciting to say. I have not been on any crazy adventurers, nor do I have an epic tales to share.
I am happy though, very happy.
I think that one reason for that is simply my lack of epicness of late. Despite my deep love for adventure and all things exciting, the past few lazy summer, epic-less evenings have been beautiful.
Also, being at home makes me happy. (Except when my things are "borrowed" without my knowledge, that makes me sad) Everything else though is great: free food, free advice, a built in confidence builder team, someone to always see a movie, or play a game with. Not to mention a gym partner. Yes, life here at home is good at this stage in my life.
Oh and last but not least, it's finally starting, very slowly, to sink in that I'm going to London. Today I pulled out all the paper work. I read over the class descriptions, and reviewed the instructions I have to get me from Heathrow International to my European home... 27 Palace court. I reviewed the packing suggestions(quickly and skipping over some things-so that if I bring to much I don't feel too guilty). I am so excited for this adventure.
And maybe it's the knowledge that all too soon I'll be on a life-changing adventure that makes these quiet hours so happy. The calm before the crazies!
All I know is that I have quite a lot to be happy about!
Including the fact that I just blogged! Yay me!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running through My Head

I realized this is the time of my life! It is great, and beautiful, and happy.

I get a queen size bed, my own room, free meals, entertainment, lots of hugs, and lots of love! I don't have to worry about rent, what to cook for myself, or keeping my room clean.

And although I would not be happy with this life forever (lets just say the vinyl fence scene is not my favorite) it is beautiful for now.

I love living with my family. I love my friends. I love my life.

So, today I sold my first fence. So proud! But I got to thinking that after all the random jobs I've had in my life I've learned a lot about what I don't want/do want in my career.

I have to be doing something I believe in.

I have to do something that is making a difference in world.

I have to work somewhere where it smells nice.

(That last one was more of hopeful wish)

I'm starting to figure out what exactly I want to do, and I'm very excited. And I'm on the right path for it!

London. Less than 2 months away. Things to do before then:
-Finish Emma
-Read Pride and Prejudice again
-Find a raincoat
-Get cute clothes
-Find appropriate walking shoes.
-Finish up paying...
-Spend a lazy day in Provo with Mom eating at Rooster and picking out my study abroad backpack
-See Lexi
-2 more fast sunday dinners with the Childs
-a lot more I can't remember right now

Have I mentioned how excited I am? I can't wait!!!

Dear America,

Happy Independence Day! I love you. Even though I just wrote about how happy I am to go to the UK, you are my favorite. You will always be my home. Thanks for being a good one. I couldn't be more proud.

PS Can we please have lots of fireworks to celebrate!