Thursday, April 25, 2013

I did it!

Monday morning I woke up bright and early to cram for my last final. I practically ran up the hill, and got there right in time. Thirty minutes later I was done.

I will always remember the feeling I had walking home that day at 7:30 am. Campus was quiet, and the sun was barely peaking over the mountains to the east. And all I could think was-I did it. Immediately I felt relief, and pure joy.

I did it.

I did college. I finished.

All that is left now to do is walk across a stage. All the work, tears, stress, pain, group projects, late nights, and hysterical study sessions are done. I did it.

And I couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Center for Teaching and Learning, this is Nicole..."

After two years of answering the phone like that, and sometimes answering my own phone like that out of habit, I had my very last day at the CTL on Friday. It was a great job, and I was sad to leave it however since it is a student position-and I'm no longer going to be a student-it was time to move on.

To celebrate my dear sweet boss took me and the other receptionists to lunch. I had a blast chatting with this lovely women, and reminiscing on all the good times I had there.

Honestly, this job was an answer to my prayers, and I consider it one of the greatest blessings that BYU brought into my life. I'm so grateful for the friends that I made there, the things I learned, and the opportunities it gave me. I'm really going to miss being a part of the CTL.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Final Finals

It would not be finals time if I didn't spend at least an hour or so procrastinating studying in order to blog.

See here here here here here or here 

So, consider me carrying on the tradition.

I just finished my hardest final of the semester. It feels so good to have it over.

And now I only have one final left.


One final final.

And then I'm completely done with college.

And today I thought that was exciting enough to warrant a blog post.

So here is to the stressful study sessions, the late nights, the insane amounts of Diet Coke consumption, the awful eating habits, and the legging/sweatshirt fashion choices that accompany each finals week.

They've been memorable-but I sure won't miss them!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Things Making me Terribly Happy...

1. Sweet Tooth Fairy runs with my boo Melissa
2. Boutique shopping with the roommates- Saturday morning there was an adorable yard sale taking place right outside the Avenues. Of course we had to check it out. Which lead to us also checking out Bijou Market. Which led us to Soel. Overall it was a very successful morning.
3. Free Bagels-Seriously my friends at Einsteins make me never want to leave Provo.
4. Remaining Undefeated-at Disney Scene it. It's a hidden talent
5. Finishing up BPHA- This last year I have been the president of the BYU Public Health Association. It has been a lot of work. We took on some big projects, and it kept us pretty busy. However I learned so much from this experience, and I loved the people I got to work with. It was exciting to see our hard work all come together at the closing social.
6. They're Engaged!My roommate is engaged, and I couldn't be happier for this cute couple.
7. Coordinating Sundays- Polka explination necessary.
8. Belated Birthday Surprises-from my girl Lexi, who is living it up in Hawaii! Thanks for the happy surprise!
9. This boy's smile My favorite baby is getting all grown up, and babysitting him is one of my new favorite hobbies.
10. General Conference I had the opportunity to spend conference weekend with some of my favorite people. Saturday AM in Park City with the Holt's & friends, Saturday PM at the Conference center with a cute guy, Sunday AM at home with the family, and Sunday PM at the apartment with my roommates. Not only did the weekend let me see so many of my favorite people, but it also gave me the guidance and peace I so desperately desired.

This talk by Elder Holland was one of my favorites, and it made me terribly happy:

Nerd Alert

 For the past 18 years of my life I have been going to school.

That's 18 years with the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, 18 years of books, of back to school outfits, of tests and 18 years of studying.

And you know what these 18 years taught me?

That I am a nerd.

So it was only fitting when Ash and some pals in the ward announced that the IDP (Ipod Dance Party) being held before finals would be nerd themed.

Monday I tracked down some suspenders, and a superman t-shirt, rolled up my pants, pulled up my socks, downloaded the playlist and embraced my inner nerd.

It was fantastic.

(Note: the only articles of clothing I wore that I owned are the glasses.... and lets face it, they are pretty great)


It was such a treat to see Brooke and Blythe there

Honestly, I think I'll remember dancing my heart out on top of the Wells Fargo building forever. As I looked out and saw all of Provo beneath me I couldn't help but remember so many of the great experiences I've had here. Dancing and laughing up there was the perfect way to start off my last week of class, and my final finals.
One Saturday, a couple weeks back I went from this Tea Party....

To the shooting range...

And I have to say-I've never felt more well rounded. So here is to living life in dresses and jeans, and trying everything!

PS. In case you were wondering, I'm a horrible shot. However I am excellent at eating tea party treats. You win some, you loose some I guess.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Sunday

This Easter was full of so many of my favorite things.
Unintentional coordinating church attire
Adorable children
Pretty weather
My family
Good friends
Delicious food
and a special focus on the Savior and his resurrection.

It was the perfect Easter Sunday.
 Accidentally matching. Oops.

 Intentionally matching. They just love each other that much.

The pals that came home from Provo with me

Modeling the old hair ties that we got in our eggs during the "big kid" Easter egg hunt

Allison is a gem, so much so that my 5 year old cousin may have developed quite the cute little crush on her...

Thanks Mom & Dad for making sure everyone had an Easter basket, treats, plenty of dinner, and a good time. I loved bringing everyone home. It really was a perfect Easter.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Girl Rising

I was born into a family that believes in empowering women.

My mom is an independent spirit. From her I got my determination to prove any disbelievers wrong. If you want to get either of us to do something, simply tell us it can't be done.

My father is a lover of education. I still remember driving in the car as an 8 or 9 year old and having him make me promise that I would go to college, or get some kind of training, so that my future would be full of opportunity.

Together they taught me that as a girl I could not only do as much as my male counterparts, but that I could do even more. They taught me to be a woman of strength, courage and kindness. One who stands up to the chauvinists she encounters, and defends herself as well as others. A woman who does not let fools tell her that she can not be or do what she desires, because she is a woman.

I am grateful to have been raised in such a family.

Tonight I had the privilege of watching Girl Rising, a documentary telling the story of 9 girls from 9 countries. This movie showcases the power of education, and the strength of women.

As I sat in awe of these 9 girls I remembered the last lecture I received from Professor Valerie Hudson. She mentioned that she believed that when we were all in heaven, before coming to this earth, our Heavenly Father sat us all down to warn us about the things we would face during our time here. Some would suffer starvation, others AIDS, poverty, broken homes, or fear.

Then there was us. Me, and you. To us he said we would witness all these tragedies from the comfort of our homes, where we would always have enough to eat, and the support of good parents. However, he cautioned us, because of the situation we were to be in we had a great responsibility to take our privilege and use it to help those less fortunate. In fact, we even raised our hand and promised that we would do so.

Now, this is not doctrine, but it's something that has stuck with me over the years. And tonight, as I cried over Amina's strength I had the distinct impression that I did in fact make that promise.

I told my father I would use my gifts to bless his other children. I would use my education, the strength my parents gave me, and my innate desire to help to do just that-

to help.

I may not yet have a job after I graduate, or even know where I will be six moths from now, but there is one thing I do know-that my life is to be spent helping others. 

It is what I was made to do.