Sunday, November 30, 2008


This past week has been so nice! Due to some classes being canceled I was able to head home Monday night and spend the entire week there. Thursday we had an amazing dinner at my Aunt and Uncles house with my great family. This Thanksgiving was different than past Thanksgivings though, with three less chairs around the table. That was hard, yet I'm so Thankful for the role each of those angels have played in my life. Friday we decorated the house for Christmas, which is one of my very most favorite things to do and went to see Four Christmases as a family. Overall it was just so nice to be with my family, be at home and enjoy their company. Here are a few highlights of the week:
~Getting my very tired mom to dance around the kitchen to Mica's Grace Kelly with Megan and I
~Putting the ornaments on the tree
~Seeing Twilight with Abbie
~Sleeping in while my sisters went to school
~Watching Christmas Vacation with my family, edited by Dad and his usually perfectly timed mute button skills
~Going with Dad to buy me a nativity for my little dorm
~Seeing the lights at temple square and the gateway on Saturday with some friends
~Talking to my Pops
~Eating cupcakes from the cutest little cupcake place outside of New York, So Cupcakes
~Seeing old friends!
~Discovering a new Chinese Restaurant with great cream cheese won tons
~Playing Apples to Apples with Chris, Liz, Zach, my sisters, and sometimes James
~Eating Cafe Rio
~Enjoying the feeling of the Holidays that was all around my house! I loved it!
It was so relaxing to be at home this week and I'm so grateful that I got to be there with my family. I'm so thankful for many things in my life, but they are one of the things I'm the very most grateful for. Each one of them truly is a huge blessing in my life!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Tis the season to be Thankful, and although I've been listening to Christmas music for awhile now and am counting down the days til I can put my little tree up, I do love thanksgiving and decided I would share some of the things I'm most thankful for with you. Here are just a few in no particular order:
*The Gospel
*The scriptures
*My calling as a FHE "mom"
*The Angels in my life
I notice them every now and then, the random people who smile at me, the friends who call just to see how I am, and the ones I don't see but have promised to watch out for me from the other side
*the color pink
*my friends
*My vision
This is Rachele's and mine football faces... ya we look so tough grrrr
*Free Hot chocolate that is handed out around campus for random reasons
*The office
*Chick Flicks
*Winter Attire
*Cute boys (sorry there aren't any pictures of this one, I didn't want to be a creeper)

It really is the little things in life that I'm grateful for, such as wearing my mocs around campus... yes we rock the mocs!
*Great Music
*The opportunity I have to go to school (right now I'm trying to remind myself its an opportunity, not a curse, but I really am thankful)
*My Family
Lately my family has been going through a lot, with my Pops in the process of passing away. Its been so hard for each of us, but as we go through this I realize just how grateful I am for my family, and for the blessing they are in my life. I'm so grateful for eternal families and to be a member of my awesome family. I love you family!
*My laptop
*My beautiful car!
*The Fab Five
Brooke, Rachel, Gwen, Rachelle and I all make up the "Fab Five" We all live in Hinckley Hall together and have become the best of friends! I seriously don't know what I would do without these girls here. They are always making me smile and we have so much fun!


So I know its pretty late getting them up, but it was just so much fun that I had to share them with everyone.... Gwen and I all done with costumes, just chillin after our late night Denny's run.. ya, Denny's runs are very common occurrences these days.
Rachelle and I look so surprised while waiting in line for the Haunted House

Dani was in town for my ward party the next day and got to come with! It was so much fun to hang out with her

Some awesome, cool people I live with

Rachel and I dressed as a cowgirl and Indian
We had such a fun night hanging out at the party at Helaman, checking out the haunted houses, giving candy to the little trick-or-treaters from Wymount and getting all dressed up! I loved it all!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

To You

I love
that I'm one of your favorites
I love
the way you still smile whenever I come visit
I love
your stories, and how you make any story well worth the time it takes to tell it
I love
the way you never complain, despite how much you've been through
I love
eating juice and crutons with you
I love
how you laugh
I love
that you tell me I'm beautiful even though you can't see me
I love
when you talk about my future, and how great it will be
I love
that you are proud of me
I love
the memories we have, Christmas, underdogs, and you always being there
I love
the way you never let your disablities limit you
I love
when you would forget to put your eye in and we would laugh for hours
I love
the way you saw the good in people
I love
the love you have for family
I love
how you tried your best, always
I love
your faith
I love
how you raised her, to in turn raise me
I love
how forgiving and understanding you are
I love
how you keep your promises
I love
that we mean the world to you, and how you mean the same to us
I love
that you had the courage to do what was right, no matter what anyone said
I love
your nose
I love
that you love me so much
I love
that no matter how many times you fell, you got back up
I love