Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy List

Ten Things Making Me Terribly Happy
(in no particular order)

10-Renting a puppy last weekend-best surprise Nate date.

9-FOOTBALL Season! (and currently being ranked #1 in my FF league)

8-Driving the Alpine Loop and getting to check out the stunning Autumn leaves

7-My ever growing bump

6-A clean and happy home

5-Our wedding photo album that we finally ordered

It's funny how having a baby motivates you to get all your projects done

4-The 2nd Annual Rau Family Fall Festival

Parm fondue, sparkling apple cider, pumpkin, and Remember the Titans

3-Sleep! I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

2-The Women's Session of General Conference tonight. Beautiful, inspiring words for women everywhere.

1-Baby boy's kicks that are not only strong enough for me to feel-but for Nate to feel. We have one strong, healthy boy.

It's a Boy!!

Friday September 11th, at 19 weeks we finally got to see our little baby again. I'll always remember how nervous/excited/anxious we felt as we waited for the ultrasound. There were so many emotions-but mostly I just couldn't wait to see our baby. And, it did not disappoint. 

A beautiful head, wonderful toes, strong arms and legs, a beating heart, and a little something else that quickly made us say "It's a BOY!" 

A Boy. A healthy, strong, growing BOY! 

It immediately felt so right-of course he is a boy! He is my little boy. 

We celebrated by buying blue candy, and an "It's a Boy" balloon. We then headed out for "boy food" (delicious BBQ), and went home to watch a "boy movie" (the Avengers). Although I sometimes feel like I have no idea what to do with a little boy, growing up surrounded by so many girls, I could not be more excited to be the mama of this boy.

Dear Baby Boy,

You are growing so strong, and I couldn't be more proud of you. From the beginning I've told you not to worry about a thing, that I would take care of everything and all you needed to do was grow. Thanks for keeping your end of the deal. I can't wait to get to hold your strong hand in mine.