Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Big 18!

Today is my baby sisters 18th birthday!! She is officially an adult. (making my parents officially old) I can't believe she is 18! Over the last 18 years of having her in our family I've decided that I love her, even if she is not a boy-which is what I was hoping for 18 years ago today. Despite that set back she is still pretty great. My favorite thing about her is how happy she makes people. Whenever I'm around her I can't help but smile and laugh, even at myself! She just has a way like that. I'm so proud of the little adult she has become!

Here is a little love note for her:


Happy Birthday! Welcome to the world of adulthood. Don't worry it's not quite as scary as it sounds because you're still allowed to do stuff like drive fast, color, and watch Disney movies-you just have to be prepared to pay for the tickets, crayons and movies yourself!

I think you will be good at this whole grown-up thing though, once you get the hang of it. I'm pretty sure you will be an awesome adult, and I can't wait to see the amazing things you do with your life. Also-this year is going to be an epic one for you. LIVE IT UP!

I love you and your freckled face,


PS-This is the year of the nose muff. (patent pending) I just know it.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Yesterday was not so great. However after a conversation with a roommate I decided that today was going to be different. And apparently so did the rest of the world. Let me tell you about it:

At work I walked in to find this sweet gift left on my desk by a supervisor in our office. It was too kind-and I kind of love being the owner of fancy pens now!

In Clinical Trails my professor surprised me first by knowing my name and second by letting us write the quiz we have next class period. (awesome)

In Injury and Violence Prevention my professor told us that our upcoming test is open book/open note/open laptop. Because after all "College is really about teaching you where to look things up."  
(more awesome)

But wait it only gets better.

While in Banana Republic today this cute lady working there stopped me, and asked if she could give me her card. She explained "I do hair, and you have beautiful hair. I would love to cut it sometime." Needless to say I now love this girl.

Also her name is Chanel. Pretty sure I can trust my hair to any women with a designer name.

There is still more.

I came home to find this present from my visiting teachers. Do they know me well or what?

And to top it all off-I got my entire "To Do" list done today!

Great day right? I was so excited I just had to share!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paint Your Heart Out

I have a deep desire and a real intent to be creative. However, somewhere between desiring to be creative and actually being creative I lose my will. That probably happens while pinning. Friday though Jenna and I were determined to get creative. So we picked up some brushes, paint and canvas, made some crystal light, put on painting clothes and turned on Sleepless in Seattle.

And this is what resulted:

My three canvases. Canvesi? Who cares-the creative type don't worry about spelling
Jenna and I each did three canvases and I have to say it was one of our greatest ideas yet. Now I know they may not be museum quality works of art, but for our first time I'd say they show great promise.

Lets get real here-mostly we were just excited to actually do something creative.

Pretty sure we deserve a large diet coke for that :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I've meant to post something.

That is a lie. 

I haven't had anything I've wanted to share, and to be quite honest I don't right now either.

I don't have lots of pictures, or funny stories, or some giant reason why I haven't been sharing.

I guess I haven't been posting because I've been just too darn busy living. Nothing major, just living. Going on diet coke runs. School. Staying up to late. Work. Making fun of the Bachelor. Being a friend, sister, and daughter. Church stuff. Washing my hair. (hey this takes quite some time for me) Homework. Cooking. Having #fgps with my roommate. Talking. Listening. Sleeping when I can. Planning. Eating. Laughing.

See... I've just been living. Just living, but it's been great. My life is good, and beautiful and hard and I love living it.
I plan on posting more, and taking pictures more. I really do.

(I also plan on working out, doing all of my reading for school and eating more veggies though, so we'll see what happens)