Thursday, January 26, 2012

I've meant to post something.

That is a lie. 

I haven't had anything I've wanted to share, and to be quite honest I don't right now either.

I don't have lots of pictures, or funny stories, or some giant reason why I haven't been sharing.

I guess I haven't been posting because I've been just too darn busy living. Nothing major, just living. Going on diet coke runs. School. Staying up to late. Work. Making fun of the Bachelor. Being a friend, sister, and daughter. Church stuff. Washing my hair. (hey this takes quite some time for me) Homework. Cooking. Having #fgps with my roommate. Talking. Listening. Sleeping when I can. Planning. Eating. Laughing.

See... I've just been living. Just living, but it's been great. My life is good, and beautiful and hard and I love living it.
I plan on posting more, and taking pictures more. I really do.

(I also plan on working out, doing all of my reading for school and eating more veggies though, so we'll see what happens)

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