Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

"No matter how dark our Friday, Sunday will come."

Saturday, March 30, 2013

You've Had a Birthday...

A big Happy Birthday to my sister, Megan Annie. You've come a long way from 3 hour family night lessons, and scrunchy tied t-shirts. I can't believe you're 21. I hope this year is not only good to you, but  that it brings good surprises, very happy days, and lots of laughter. I love you!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exactly One Month From Today...

I will graduate.

Logically I've always known graduation would come. However there were so many long, awful days-days where hours were spent at the library, days where tears were held back walking home from the testing center, days where I ran solely on prayers and Diet Coke-basically there were days where I thought BYU would be the death of me, and that graduation was simply never going to come.

And yet, somehow, it is nearly here.

Of course, now that it is here-I'm not sure I'm ready for it. I guess that's what happens with big changes though. When something big, and good and wonderful and hard comes to an end it is sort of bittersweet.

It'll be good to be done, but it may break my heart to actually move on.

However, I am determined to make the most of this last month. So-if you'll excuse me, I still have a few items on my BYU Bucket List to cross off...


Bright and early Thursday I found myself at the Sandy Trax station with my mom.

Of course I had to make a quick visit to see Drew first. (the bagel man)

Dad had, once again, secured some tickets to March Madness. For those of you who may be new to the blog, or just not know me very well, I absolutely love March Madness. College boys achieving their dreams! And me attempting to achieve my dream of creating the perfect bracket! It's a perfect combination.

Dad couldn't join us until the night session, but Mom and I decided to go to both sessions, and essentially watch ten hours straight of basketball.

Of course there was plenty of Diet Coke breaks, a quick jaunt to City Creek for an appetizer/cheesecake dinner between games, and some InStyle reading during half time.

It was a fun day! I loved playing hookey for the day in order to spend time with my Mom and Dad. So, thanks for taking me Dad, and for always taking me. It takes a very patient man to bring his daughters to so many sporting events-luckily my dad is just that kind of guy.

Oh. And go Duke! (my bracket is a disaster this year)

PS. A girl that once upon a time lived in my ward, and who is a much better blogger than I am posted this for those girls who may not fully love March Madness. Enjoy.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Birthday of Favorites

As I mentioned before, my sweet roommates decided to throw Melissa and I a little combined birthday party Saturday night. The theme was all of our favorite things. They had our favorite treats (the Samoa cupcakes were outrageously good), our favorite snacks (the homemade salsa was to-die-for), our favorite drinks (so much Diet Coke!) our favorite music was playing, our favorite people were there, they even had the guests write down their favorite things about us!

It was fun to share so many of my favorite things, with so many of my favorite people. Mostly though it was fun to share it with Melissa-one of my favorite friends.

Of course we failed miserably at taking pictures, but here are a few we got from the fun night!

Actually this one is my favorite from the night.... it's really our true personalities 

Keeping in the theme of favorites, Monday night my roommates and I built a birthday blanket fort to celebrate. It was so fun to have a little slumber party. And then on Tuesday I bid farewell to 22, and welcomed 23!

Hanging out in the blanket fort, reading one of my favorite gifts

My actual birthday involved so many more favorites: my roommates surprised me with Einstein's for breakfast, Ash joined me for bagel lunch/fort hang/Friends watching, my family came and took me to dinner, friends came for dessert, other friends called and text me throughout the day.

Basically it was a perfect day.

All these kind words made my day
Surprise treats at work

Sunday we finished the week of celebrating with the traditional chicken roll up dinner, and dessert with the Childs, some of my very, very favorite people.

Honestly though, and yes I'm about to get cheesy, the very best part was celebrating with my favorite people. I say it in every post here but I am surrounded by the very best kind of people. I didn't need a party, bagels, JT's new CD, Diet Coke or even a blanket fort to have a good day-really all  needed was them. So thanks pals and family-with all of you in my life how could 23 not be the best?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

GNO and Lax in SLC

While sitting at Ouelessebougou Friday afternoon Ashley and I had an epiphany. Get Allison to take the train up to Salt Lake, and create a spontaneous girls night! We were so excited when Sam was able to come too.

We spent the evening dining at the Cheesecake factory, chatting about boys and food (mostly food), and exploring Temple Square. Allison had never been to the visitors centers before, and it was such a treat to get to show them off to her. 

Saturday was one of those marathons days. We went to Carly's wedding shower, hit the outlets, went to Jordan's lacrosse game and then Allison and Natalie threw Melissa and I a birthday party.

Wow, what a day.

I'll post more about the birthday party later, but for now I want to focus on the lacrosse game.

Jordan and I have spent many Diet Coke runs talking about lacrosse. It was so exciting to finally get to one of her games and get to see her play! There were three things I wanted to see happen at the game 1) see Jordan get a goal, 2) have BYU win and 3) see Jordan get a yellow card.

Luckily I saw all three. It couldn't have been a better weekend.

Photo stolen from Ash's Insta

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Trying New Things...

New things I have been trying lately:

Sri Lankan food

Cross country skiing

Telling people how I really feel

Station 22

Writing letters

Saying "yes" when I don't really know if I want to

Expo marker notes on the bathroom mirror

Old Towne Grill

Being braver

Making things happen for me

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Abbie in Indiana

Friday night Abbie opened her mission call surrounded by many friends and family. With anxiety and excitement she read that she had been "assigned to labor in the Indiana Indianapolis mission."

There was an audible gasp immediately followed by a collective laugh as everyone looked from Abbie to Dad, who served his mission there 30 something years ago.

I'll never forget the look on his face. He was surprised, but also so happy.

We had spent hours guessing where in the world Abbie would go preach the gospel. Never did any of us think she would be in Indiana. That night though, after everyone had left and the house was quiet we all sat in the living room. I listened and watched as Dad and Abbie talked about Indiana, the temple that is being built there, and the place that would be "home" to both of them at the age of 19. And in that moment, it felt so right.

Abbie in Indiana.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Moment Before

It's a transition time for the London family. Dad just got called to be the bishop of a new singles ward. Megan got a new job. Our sweet aunt passed away. Tomorrow Abbie will open her mission call. Soon she will go through the temple. I'll be turning 23  and a week later Megan will be 21. Finals will be next. And then I will graduate from college and possibly move across the country. Abbie will leave.

Plans and trips are being adjusted and rearranged, conversations are shifting. There is a collective change in our temperament, there is an undercover chaos to our views of the future. Sure, all this change is exhilarating. However, the path ahead for us each is also terrifying. I can't help but think on how these next few months will take three girls and make grown women out of us each.

I don't share this to lament over the cocktail of fear, excitement and anticipation that occupy my mind in the quiet hours. Instead I write today to remember this exact moment.

The moment before it all changes.

Before we know where Abbie will go. Before I graduate. Before we really have to grow up. This moment where I'm laying safely in my bed at my parents home. A bit past midnight, and I'm writing for the intent of remembering. Pictures of myself in high school cover the wall as a memorial to who I was, more than where I've been. The washing machine hums quietly in the next room. My parents asleep in the room upstairs. The faint sound of little dog paws making their way across the kitchen. The smell of fabric softener on my sheets. The heater gently blowing warmth into the room that occupied my childhood. It is this moment, with my music gently pulling the words out of my finger tips, that I want to come back to when the chaos crashes in. This Peter Pan moment in which I get to stay a child for just a bit longer.

So this is the moment I'll hang onto when the winds of change pull me on to my next adventure. When I become uncertain of myself, and my place in this world I will recall this very moment and take courage from it. It is this moment that I will treasure. This moment before it all changes.