Monday, May 20, 2013

Graduated Without A Plan

Oops... I must have missed that day of school where everyone made their big, post-graduation plans.
Ok, to be fair to myself I had some big post-graduation plans, but somewhere along the way things didn't work out the way I had planned. Isn't that always how it goes? And now I find myself graduated, unemployed, and living in my parent's basement.

And can I just say what a wonderful life that is?

Don't get me wrong-it's about time I find myself one of those grown up jobs, and get out into the "real world" but for today, this life suits me just fine. It's one full of free food, plenty of little home improvement/chores to occupy my time with, hours to read, plenty of company, day time movies, bubble baths, parks to run at, and people who love me.

Really though-someday not too far away I'll have that full time job, and these days will only be a memory. So for today I'll make sure it's the very best kind of memory. Now if you'll excuse me I really should get back to my book....

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Friday, May 17, 2013


Ash put it best when she described us as a "package deal".

Not only did we serve in the BPHA presidency together, and live next door to each other, we also did an internship together this past year for the Ouelessebougou Alliance.

We were there to collect donations for their annual dinner auction. We spent months sending letters, and e-mails making phone calls and pick ups and blasting JT on our biweekly commutes to Murray.

The first week of May we spent each day finalizing the little details, and mastering our cute bow tying skills in order to make the big event a success-and it was! The Little America ballroom looked stunning, there were so many people who came, and the items we had collected for moths were quickly sold.

The auction was not only a success but a lot of fun! It was so fun to get all dressed up, mingle with such exciting people, and to see all our hard work pay off to support a worthwhile cause. It made me so happy to be involved with such a great organization and such great people. Mostly though it was especially great to do it all with one of my best friends.

And because of that a little love note is in order:


You were right-it really was our year in so many ways. Now-lets claim this next one too. And perhaps the one after that? And the next one?

PS Sleepovers and brunch for life. After all we're "classy"enough for it now.

Not only did I get to work with Ashley though-so many people I love and care about came out to volunteer or attend the event. It felt so great to have the support of so many people, so thanks to my friends and family who helped make this event so great! It truly was a wonderful opportunity.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to the...

Woman who manages to spill at every meal
Lady who taught me to love reading
One who always knows how to make me smile
Best puzzle solver around
Person with the most lovely and contagious laugh
Biggest fan of chocolate
Most loving person I’ve met

And really, just the very best woman I know.

I am honored to not only call this woman my mom but also my best friend.

I hope this year brings you happiness beyond measure, plenty of cold Diet Cokes, great friends, good books, and a home full of laughter.

I love you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


After 5 years at Brigham Young University, and 13 years of school before, the day that always seemed like just a dream finally came.

And went.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree on April 26th in Provo.

I’m not sure what really to say about that day, and my convocation the next day, other than that it happened, it actually, finally happened.

This day I had dreamed of, hoped for, planned around, and worked tirelessly for had finally arrived. When it did it felt sort of surreal-as if this couldn’t actually be happening. I was exhausted from finals, work, and a busy social life. However, much to my delight, when the time came for my name to be called, and to walk across that stage all I felt was complete excitement. And oh so proud!

So proud of all that I had accomplished, all the work, sweat, blood, money, worry and studying had paid off-I did it!! I graduated!!

A couple days before graduation I was talking to a dear friend of mine, although one of the most adventurous friends I have-she has a pretty hard time with change. Without really thinking she blurted out “Graduating is absolutely the worst thing that can happen to a person!”

A year or so ago I would have agreed with her. And a year or so ago it would have been true for me. But now, now it just feels right. To graduate. To move on. To figure out what is next for me out there in this “real world” people speak of.

And in that way- graduating is absolutely the best thing that could have happened to me.

So world, lets see what you hold. I hear your mine for the taking. 

I can’t post about graduation without attempting to express the extreme gratitude I feel for those that made it possible. So many teachers, employers, friends, neighbors and fellow students helped me on my journey. However my deepest gratitude goes to my family. To my sisters who supported me, and were patient with me when I was stressed and exhausted. To my Pops who told everyone he met in his last couple months of life that I was at school at BYU, beaming with pride. To my grandparents who were able to be there when no one else could. To the Childs for countless dinners where I left not only full of food, but of love. And most especially to those parents of mine-who invested time, money, gas, food, tears, late nights and all the love they have into helping me achieve my goals. Dad and Mom-thanks for teaching me to love learning, and that I can do anything I set my mind to. My life is what it is today because of you-and I quite like what it’s becoming.  I love you all.


PS. I may or may not have had my parents reenact the statue with me.... which was the only graduation present I needed.