Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Days Without Naps

Naps are one of my very favorite things! There is something exhilarating in sleeping during the day when you should be working! It makes it exciting, and gives it an almost dangerous/adventurous feeling. It also makes me feel very rested and I always wake up feeling amazing. I've been having trouble sleeping though so I'm not allowed to take naps for a couple of days to see if it helps. Anyways you know how the minute your told you can't have something you want it super bad. Like when your a little kid and your mom says you can only have one cookie, all of a sudden a second cookie becomes the greatest treasure you can imagine. Well since I've decided to not take naps all I want in the world is to take a nap! So, to distract myself here are the things I've been doing lately to keep from taking one:

*Drink Diet Coke(this is very helpful due to the caffeine making me more awake, and its delicious, and not supplied at BYU so I still get that dangerous/adventure feeling when I drink it in my dorm)

*Go to the gym(OK I probably would not have done this on my own but thanks to my diligent roommate who just got a Gold's pass I had someone to inspire me to go. Although this actually made me more tired I felt like I got something done-and I was able to justify the bread pudding I ate later in the day by thinking back on all those calories I burned)

*Blog... Have you noticed I've been doing this more lately...

*Facebook-The great time waster in my life, but oh how I love it!

*Study/Do Homework (This is on here for dad... I do do this, sometimes...)

*Visit some friends in the tent they are camping out in outside the Marriot Center. The things these boys do just to get amazing seats at the BYU/Utah game-they started camping out last night and the game isn't even until Saturday for goodness sake!

Overall I'm finding these methods for using my time in ways other then taking a nap quite effective! Oh and did I mention I started going to bed earlier too! Oh the benefits of not napping!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rain, Rain Never Go Away, Come Again Any Day

Every morning when I wake up, as in when I decide the snooze button can not be hit any more times, the first thing I do is turn over and look out my window. This first look into the new day tells me a lot about what to expect for the day. This morning when I looked outside and saw a grey, cloudy sky I knew today was going to be a good day. I think maybe my heart belongs in Seattle, because a rainy day is exquisitely beautiful to me. As I walked to class with rain drops falling on my head I couldn't help but smile-it was perfect. And even though rain means the bottom of the leg of my pants gets wet and my newly straightened hair gets wavy every day it rains I feel renewed, clean, content. I can't help but smile as I watch it gently fall over the world, or listen to it softly hit my window. You may think I'm a pessimist, or crazy for not craving sunny weather right now but I can honestly say that today has been one of the best days here in a long time, and I blame the rain for that...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile This Week:

~Buying chicken legs with cash only from Miguel, and counting how many came in a box
~Sleeping in
~Watching Liz get baptised!
~Valentines flowers from daddy
~Double Chick flick day at the movies with my mom and sisters
~Getting my oil changed without getting in trouble for never checking my oil(to be honest I probably couldn't even find it in this car :) Dad-remember that you love me and miss me! ha ha)
~Discovering a new favorite song. Its called Winter Song and its the first one on my play list at the bottom of the page
~Reading about Naomi Grace, an amazing story of my cousin and the baby she adopted
~Not having class on Monday
~Being with my family so much!
I love my family, and coming home. Family-thanks for always letting me, and for all you do for me, especially lately! I also love the food you get me when I'm home, my big comfy bed there, that you pay to take me to movies and the free washer and dryer at our house... Of course those are just added bonuses to spending time with the best family in the world though! I love you guys!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Things I've decided today...
1- If I'm going to keep going to cycling class at the gym I'm gonna have to get a stronger pain tolerance, and a less sensitive bum... You think they sell that at Wal-Mart?
2-Fact: The Office is the funniest television show ever. This is my list so if you disagree too bad. End of discussion.
3-Chick flicks and chocolate work as band-aids(especially old time chick flicks-example: Breakfast at Tiffany's)
4-Bright pink leggings are a girls best friend!
6-Writing makes me feel better, always, no matter what. It allows me to release my emotions, and get perspective. Thank goodness for that!
5- I am dyslexic in numbers (note the jump from 4 to 6-completely unintentional and now I don't know what number I'm on)
7-When people say "I don't care" they usually do care. Sometimes they even care a lot.
8-Not crying ever is a lot worse then crying a lot (Don't believe me? watch the Holiday) It's much better to be able to show emotion, then to not be able to.
9-Sometimes boys bug. Periodically it just happens. Oh well!
10-No matter what I'm feeling, what I'm doing, where I'm at or what I'm thinking calling home always makes me feel better-even better than shopping for shoes. Man, now I really want shoes though..

Thursday, February 5, 2009


1-hour early I was for class this morning. 2/3-amount of a bag i filled of blood before my body wouldn't give any more. 2-number of times i've had to jump my car this week. 700-number of times i said i hated chemistry today. -4-rating of dinner at the cannon tonight (on a scale of 1 to 10) 4-episodes of the office i watched 7-times i tried to figure out an excuse to go home 03B-apartment number for next fall i got confirmation of 3-pictures i colored in my Disney Princess coloring book tonight 30-number of times i thought about just giving up and taking a nap 15-times i listened to ingrid michaelson's "keep breathing", a new favorite song
0-naps 0-tears
I guess it was an alright day....

Monday, February 2, 2009

When Upon Life's Billows...

Lately I haven't been feeling that well, and I've also been pretty down. Luckily I know that I can count my many blessings and feel a little better. So here are some of the little things that make me smile these days:

Ben and Jerry's half baked ice cream
CAUTION: It is addicting...
Gilmore Girls... The reason I talk so fast, often make references to pop culture that no one else gets, love the word Oy, and want Yale sweat pants! I LOVE this show!

Taylor Swift's new CD Fearless. She must have followed me around for a year because every single song was seriously written for my life! I especially love "Hey Stephen" these days-its a fun one that doesn't make me feel pathetic by relating it to my life :)

Beautiful flowers in my room! Rachelle's boyfriend is a amazing and because of such she gets a new bouquet of flowers every four days or so, making our room absolutely beautiful!

Mail from my best friend! It always makes my day!

Coloring in my princess coloring book-thanks daddy!

My bed-I LOVE taking naps these days, actually I love this way too much but I'm super grateful for it!
Confessions of a Shopaholic-The funniest books ever! My friend's mom sent them out for me and I absolutely love them! Hilarious!
Diet Coke-Not quite as addicting as the Ben & Jerry's but since you can't buy it anywhere on campus here it makes it that much better when you have one!

The Draper temple-my temple! I got to work there the other night and it was amazing. Just looking at it cheers me up!

Going home, laying in bed chatting with Rachelle, and making plans also make me happy! It really is the little things in life! I'm so grateful for each little thing that makes me smile these days.