Monday, January 24, 2011

Cuz We Make The Hipsters Fall in Love

A bunch of London girls with our best hipster impressions

when we got our hotpants on and up...

Yea, I'm not really sure about that? But after Friday night I'm pretty sure I know about hipsters. Last week I got a fb invitation to my friend Sarah's hipster birthday party. Well, I decided that I need to do some research before I could go to the DI and put together an outfit I would otherwise never be caught dead in:
Exhibit A:

So, I checked out this youtube video. And this blog.

Then set out for the DI. After getting all "hipster" we of course took some "hipster" pics. You know the kind I'm talking about... the casual i-know-your-taking-a-picture-of-me-but-I-don't-conform-to smiling.
yea. just one of the many reasons I couldn't be hipster in real life.
It was great fun getting all hipster, and the party was a blast. Whenever I get to mingle with my London friends it's always a good time. And the whole theme of the party reminded me why I actually do enjoy going to school at BYU. Who else has these kind of parties?
With the birthday girl. Happy 21st Sarah!

One downer... camera is basically dead. And turns out the charger is legit broken, not just won't work in UK broken. American broken. Dang. So sorry for the lack of smiling pictures, I promise there are a few on one of my friends cameras!

On the upside... gotta love the glasses.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It Better Win An Oscar or Two...

So, how do I reward myself after a 7 hour study session?

By watching a Golden Globe winning movie about college kids who invent this website that I may or may not check multiple times a day. It all starts in their little dorm room at desks much like mine at a university I surely couldn't have gotten into and somehow what they did there manages to affect me everyday. Oh, and they become billionaires.

Now I've watched this movie a few times now. I'm kinda a fan. Who isn't? Have you seen Andrew Garfield? (or heard him.. yep hot British accent) And after watching it for about the 3rd time tonight I realized something-

not once in the movie does it show any of them actually studying

Rowing crew? Sure. Drinking? Obviously. Dressing horribly and attending Jewish club parties? Luckily yes. Traveling to NY? Why not. Defending their animal cruelty? Definitely.

Studying? Nope.

Did I mention there at Harvard. Not studying....

So, here is my question-how can I become a billionaire without having to spend another day like today?

Heck, I'd settle for a million :)

If you find out let me know. Oh and if your answer is marry Andrew Garfield we better be best friends.

Until then though I gotta go-I still have some studying to do.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Long Weekends

Since coming back to Provo I've been kind of sick. Not of classes or walking to school in freezing temperatures, but legit runny nose/ears killing kind of sick.

I got a cold once last semester, and although it sucked being sick I kept thinking:
"At least I'm sick in Paris and London."

I decided to try that same positive thinking but the phrase:
"At least I'm sick in Provo"
doesn't really have the same ring for some reason. In fact it is kind of just a double negative... which does not equal a positive in this case.

However, since I had a long weekend I got to go home, and the phrase:
"At least I'm sick at home"
is a definite positive.

Here is why:

Parents to check on you, 3 movies (Inception-lived up to my expectations, Social Network-can't get enough, and Country Strong-finally), the Golden Globes, Cafe Rio, Dad's homemade chicken noodle soup, strobel cookies, sleeping in, and my nice bed.

Also, when you have a long weekend you have time to make it to the dr-apparently I have a pretty bad sinus infection as well as an ear infection.

Which probably wasn't helped by the other great part about long weekends-hanging out with my friends at home. This weekend that involved a great dance party thrown by a lds fraternity up at the U. The music was more than a little loud-which didn't help my ears-but it was worth it to hang out with those girls. They really let me have the best of both the provo and the slc worlds by inviting me to things, and always finding time to hang out. I love that.

So, although today the doctor said I needed rest, antibiotics, and plenty of fluids (I hope diet coke counts) this weekend was really what I needed to start feeling better.

"At least I'm not as sick as I was before... in Provo"

Sounding better already!

Also-I changed the look of my blog. I'm still kind of playing with it, but I'm not in London anymore and therefore my blog couldn't be either. That was an amazing experience that I appreciate more, and learn more from every day still. However, I love what I'm doing with my life now too, and I'm excited to share that as well. Let me know what you think.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Break...

This past Christmas break it was so nice to be home with my family. Some of my very favorite moments were just sitting and taking in the decorations:

-Or sitting on the couch drinking diet coke, watching American football

-Eating kraft mac and cheese

-Getting a pedicure with mom!

-Putting my jet lag to good use and spending the early hours of the morning catching up on Modern Family
-Bubble baths with my lush bath fizzes
-Cookie baking/decorating with my dad and sisters
-Cheesecake and only good conversation with Stace
-Creeper Santa at Candle light Christmas
-Downtown lights
-Christmas with the Child family, including meeting sweet baby London
-Catching up on trash mags
-Cafe rio... multiple times
-Cuddling with the cutest puppy in the world
-Hanging out with Lex
-Celebrating Christmas!
-Watching Emma and eating Galexy chocolate (keeping the English spirit alive and well)
-Car shopping... and our test run in the Passport....
-Driving the truck everywhere necessary
-Sleeping in
-Spending time by myself, after sharing a house with 35 others this was a special luxury
-Seeing coach Whitingham at what was probably the most boring chick flick of my life
-The roof for dinner... the mint chocolate cake was very good to me again. Just like last year!

-Sundays at the Alta Heights ward

-Seeing old friends, and missing the new ones

-Dance parties in the kitchen

-New Years with the Childs

-James remembering me

-Ringing in the new year at the U with Stace and Lex

-True Grit

-And just hanging out with the family

It was so nice to just be with my family. I know I've said that about 4 times in this post already but honestly, the rest was all just icing on the cake. I feel like I found a new love for Christmas this year, because I realized how much it is really is about being with the people you love.

And thats what made it so great.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

This was a great year for me. I loved all the adventures and experiences I had. It wasn't necessarily an easy year-but I learned a lot the past 12 months.
I was very happy.
I decided to serve more.

I got some good news.

I saw some beautiful things

(NBD.. just Ireland. gorgeous)

I made new friends for life, and strengthened relationships with old friends.
I had the best birthday party to hit Provo ever. epic 20.

I went to California, St. George, England, France, Wales, Ireland, and Italy. (wow. I've dreamed of being able to say this.)

I was reminded how much I love school. and even, sometimes, where I go to school.

I lost some of my insides...

I grew up a bit, but not too much...

(Yep.. I'm in the the Louvre! Obviously not too grown up...)

and still loved coming home.