Monday, June 27, 2011


Last night I was in Rome again.

Well at least in my dream.

We only had a short amount of time and I'd convinced Mom that we needed to see the Coliseum. So, off we went. We had big backpacks full of our stuff, the hostel I'd been to before was closed until December. And we hadn't checked into a hotel yet. So, with our backs heavy we took off walking.

Did I ever tell you that in Italy we took the metro... once. The morning we wanted to be at the Vatican early. Every other outing was walked to. Really, honestly, it's the very best way to see Europe. Walking the cities.

So it was in my dream as well. I felt the cobblestone beneath my worn out Sperry soles with each step I took. It didn't take long for us to get a little off schedule.

Mom ran into someone she knew. Then we got going and we had to stop at a church to use the restroom. All of a sudden we realized the church we stopped out was one of our churches. (as you know I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.) We took time to check out that building, so different then the domes that dot the skyline of the eternal city. We even met a few of the local young women, who tried in their broken English to help us along.

By the time we got going again we were rushing. We were panicked because not only were we running out of day light, but for some reason we were not getting any closer to the Colosseum. I thought I knew where it was. But maybe, just mayeb, I'd... forgotten.

Did I ever tell you that I never could figure out that map of Rome? I'd have been hopeless without the others.

And now here I was with Mom, and I realized that I couldn't find my way around this city that I'd come to love so much. I couldn't even show her the things I loved there.

And then, I woke up.

Very confused, sad and kind of just... scared.

What scared me the most was that sometimes the dreams feel more real then the reality. I really did go to Rome. I roamed the cobble stone streets, I ate the pasta, I stood in awe at the Colosseum. But sometimes that feels more like the dreams. A distant, hazy dream.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All I Want to Do...

- Eat S'mores. For some reason I haven't been able to get them off my mind the last few day. All I know is that I want to make lots and lots of them!

-Paint my nails all pretty (like my friend Grace)

-See Midnight in Paris (I've been waiting soooo long for this, and still have not found the time to go!)

-Visit Blickenstaff's because it looks like so much fun and what could be better to make s'mores with than a Galaxy bar?!

-Read the rest of the Hunger Game series. I read Hunger Games in a day and a half and I'm dying without a copy of Catching Fire (this will hopefully be resolved quickly!) Remember in elementary school when we used to have read-a-thons. Well I would just love to have my own. I want to build a little blanket fort, fill it with pillows, blankets, and get lost in District 12.

Don't' these all sound like bliss?! Anyone want to join me?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunshine and Summertime

Basically my family is the very best. And I can't thank Dad enough for finding me a flight to Vegas, so that I could meet up with them all earlier. I hate missing out on things (especially for work) and it was so nice to be able to get there so quickly and be with them.... even though a longer-than-I've-ever-seen line at security nearly made me miss my flight.

I got to Vegas on Thursday evening. We spent the night chatting, eating, exploring Cesar's (the mall obviously) walking(actually limping) the strip, getting big diet cokes at the coke factory, laughing at all the drunk people, and buying a few way too overpriced m&ms.

Friday we got to sleep in (it was amazing) and then we headed down to the pool for some tanning, swimming and relaxing. The 100 degree weather felt amazing, and I loved just laughing with my mom and sisters as we took quick dips in the pool, then dried off. After that we packed up our room, checked out, went shopping (oh man was H&M good to me) and then we proceeded to have the best lunch of my life.

Oh how I love you Max Brenner.

(Mostly your chocolate.. .the smores sunday Abbie and I split(pictured above) was seriously indescribable)

I even tried my recently-turned-21 hand at the slots. I put in exactly $1 and decided to cash out while I was ahead...

(obviously taken in a casino... doesn't it just look gross)

I ended up with....


Yes this did made me very excited. No, I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Vegas was fun. I forgot how gross/nasty/horrible the strip area is. But it was sooo good to be there with my family. I loved that.

Friday afternoon, after Dad got done with meetings, we drove to St. George. After freshening up and a quick Pizza Factory dinner run we headed to Tuchan for The Little Mermaid!

Three summers ago on our infamous trip to NYC we saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway. It was with much anticipation that we headed to Tuchan to see this show, we had very high expectations. Luckily we were not disappointed in the least. There is just something magical about they way they are able to use the water at Tuchan. It was absolutely stunning.

If you live in Utah or anywhere near by... go.

On Saturday we slept in, and headed down to the pool again. After spending our morning laying in the sun we hit up Smash Burger for lunch, took dad to get his free father's day Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake and went back to the hotel to nap.

And watch Never Say Never. ( I can't believe Megan had never seen it)

That night we went back to Tuchan and saw Grease. Now I didn't really have as high of expectations for this one, since the night before had been so amazing. But it was very very well done, and was a lot of fun!

Sunday Mom woke up early to take Dad to the airport. He had to speak for the first time in a singles ward as part of his new calling, and he thought we'd sleep in, drive back and make it home around dinner time. Little did he know we had a surprise up our sleeve.

At & 7:00 we were packed and ready to go. We made it home around 11:45, where we creeped up to the back door. Shock covered his face when he realized we'd lied to him. He, having called only 30 minutes before, believed us when we said we were hours away. It was nice to be able to surprise him, and be there to support him as he spoke in church.

The rest of the day was spent opening fathers day presents, napping, and enjoying a wonderful dinner at Aunt Debbie's.

It was the perfect weekend. Lots of laughs, good entertainment, delicious food, my favorite people, a nice tan and....

(My H&M goodies...)

What more could a girl ask for?

Thanks for making this happen Dad and Mom. It was so nice to be there with you all! I love you.

Dear Dad,

I know this is a day late, but I was much too busy hanging with my Father to post this yesterday. So, here it is a day late, but just as sincere.

Almost everyone claims to have the "best" dad. And I could sit and argue with you for hours about that, but there is one thing no one can argue....I have the perfect dad for me.

I feel extremely blessed to have the relationship I have with my Dad. My friends have often been surprised by how close we are. They comment on how sweet it is that I get a phone call, at least twice a week around 6:00-just to check up on me and see how things are going. Or that no matter where I live, or if I'm dating someone or not, I always have a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Valentines day. Or that my Dad usually knows exactly whats going on in my life-from what classes I'm taking, to how work is, or how my friends are.

We have a really great relationship, and I'm very blessed to say that we always have. I never had that "teenage-brat-hate-my-dad phase" or that "i'm-way-too-cool-to-hang-out-with-you" phase. I've always felt comfortable talking to him about my life. And he has always been willing to listen, council, and help in any way he can.

So today Dad, I just want to take a minute to tell you how grateful I am for all you do for me.

-For always working so hard to provide for our family

-For letting me go, when I need to, and helping me get home when I need to

-For not being mad when I accidentally knocked my side mirror off the mazda

-For helping me move more times than I can count

-For helping me see my talents, and convincing me that they are wonderful

-For teaching me to love football, and always bringing me to games (even though everyone else brought their sons)

-For letting me be my girly self, and being patient with my fear of moths, spiders, and snakes

-For quelling my fear of missing out (even if it is slightly irrational at times) and getting me a flight to meet up with you guys

-For the car advise, occasional help with rent, and countless cartons of milk

-For being more than willing to let me cry to you (from 1,000s of miles away) even though I'm pretty sure you were in an important meeting at the time. And for telling me that no matter if I chose to go or come home you'd make it happen.

-For helping solve my practical problems. (car. bank accounts. loans. flights. school schedules. etc)

-For holding the priesthood, and sharing the blessings of it with us.

-For teaching me though example of faith, obedience, prayer, and the importance of the gospel

-For always loving mom so much.

-For being willing to always be "the beast" so I could be "booty"

When people (read: especially boys) ask about our family, and find out that there are just 3 daughters... no boys... they usually say something like "Wow your poor dad."

I just laugh, and mentally count them out.

Because it takes a very, very patient man to have only daughters... and an even more patient man to love having only daughters.

Yep, you're the perfect Dad for only daughters. patient. kind. loving. soft spoken. understanding.

And I couldn't be more grateful to you for it.

And we all love you so much for it.

Happy Father Day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 4th...finally

Spending 24 hours with someone for 100 days straight you get to know them pretty well. Such is the case with Jessica and I. I can tell you her favorite baseball team, the longest she'll go without washing her hair, what she'd pick up at Tesco (obviously dr. pepper and bueno.. sometimes some jelly snakes), parts of her life story, and much about her family. However, it took me 100 days, all day every day to get to this point. It took me only seconds upon meeting her to know that she was engaged, and madly in love with her best friend.

Over those 100 days we had amazing once in a life time experiences, I thought she was happy that night we walked through the fountain at the Louvre, or went to a football match. Or when we sprung for Jersey Boys tickets, and saw St. Pauls. However it wasn't until January, when I saw her for the first time since returning that I saw Jessica completely and totally happy. It was a new level of happiness, one I just couldn't have even imagined.

What was so different that night?

She had her Parker there.

And yesterday, after being in love for quite awhile, they were finally married in the Salt Lake Temple.

And words can't describe how happy they looked all day yesterday. Her and Parker were seriously glowing a little!

I loved being able to just watch them, and their loved ones, celebrate their marriage, and the beginning of their new and forever life together.

Jess asked me to be at the temple when they came out, as husband and wife, and I wouldn't have missed that for anything. Seeing one of my best friends that happy and excited made me so happy for her. After all the time apart, here they were, never to be parted again.

It was the most beautiful day.

That night they had a dinner for close friends and family. Of course I totally messed up and my battery wasn't in my camera but I grabbed a few shots on my phone. The dinner was gorgeously decorated(the candles hanging above the head table were my favorite), the food was delicious(loved the cake)and there was so much laughter and happiness everywhere! It was fun to hear their dads tell them how much they loved them, see them dance to "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and watch them stuff cake in each other's faces.

During those 100 days in London I heard about all the wedding details, saw photos of the dress, blog stalked the photographer, and watched countless videographers looking for the right one...but always the talk turned back to being about Parker. I felt like I knew him before I even met him-I've never heard a girl gush so much about her fiance. Probably because I've never seen a couple so in love.

So, Parker and Jessica (who better not be reading this for quite awhile) thanks for letting me be apart of your day. Seeing you two so in love is inspiring, and it makes everyone around you so happy. I'm glad June 4 finally came, and excited to see the life you two build together. Because, you're truly amazing together, and will do such amazing things. I love you guys.

Of course the one picture I got on my phone of Jess and I was blurry... Isn't she beautiful though!

This shot is for you Jess-the chairs...

(I think you're worrying was worthwhile-everything was perfect)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things I Loved About Living at Home Last Month:

chocolate can always be found somewhere

going to the movies! what a treat!

someone was always willing to buy me some diet coke

my big comfy queen bed


not having to worry about what I would do for dinner

friends, how i met your mother, big bang theory marathons

playing with coco

trips to cemeteries

"seamore butts" visiting his "enemy" at the cemetery

sundays at Aunt Debbies

on the rare chance it was sunny-laying on the tramp

the nice washer/dryer. seriously-so big

naps on the couch

hanging out with my family