Monday, September 15, 2014

Passport to Provo

Google Fiber. BYU Football games. Sodalicious Dirty Diet Cokes. Sweet Tooth Fairy Samoa Cookies.

These are just a few of the glorious things that Provo has within it's city limits. Well, someone in Provo decided that this city needed something else to make them awesome-they needed to hold the world record for the biggest scavenger hunt ever.

So, they decided to put on Passport to Provo. Basically it was a huge scavenger hunt where teams walked around downtown Provo with their "passports" getting stamps at local businesses, and after completing different tasks.

Well scavenger hunts are right up my alley-so Nate and I formed "Team Rau" and off we went, to assist in braking a world record. We had a great day sampling sweet potato fries at Guru's, petting puppies curtsey of Rent a Puppy, cleaning up trash in North Park, and of course sampling a new concoction at Sodalicious and coming up with a great name for it. It was a wonderful adventure.

Although we're no longer students in Provo-and have fully moved on to the next stage of our Provo life-the stage of living in a neighborhood, and avoiding student hangouts-we sure had fun at this huge event. And yes, the world record was broken!

Another Lovely Labor Day

This past Labor Day we spent the weekend relaxing in St. George. We went down with my family and had agreat time swimming, exploring in Zion, relaxing at the condo, riding an awesome carousel and antiquing.

Ok not really antiquing per say. However, that sounds much cooler than what it actually was which involved a whole lot of time spent in only one little, smelly antique store while Mom tried to buy a beautiful piece of furniture.

However that beautiful piece of furniture now sits in her living room so it was definitely worth it.

Also I should note that Dad, Nate and I left the antique store fairly quickly in order to explore a wonderful park area with the best splash pad ever. Who says splash pads are just for kids? In my shorts and saltwater I was able to get plenty cooled off.

It really was such an awesome, fun weekend with a bunch of my favorite people. Thanks for the trip mom and dad! St. George never disappoints. 

(we're mastering the selfie with a real camera look....)

My husband found a tadpole! 

 While in St. George we went and found where Nate's great-grandparents are buried. He'd never been before, and it was a really wonderful experience 

And about that horseback riding-alright technically it was a carousel

Monday, September 1, 2014

Six Years

I started this blog six years ago, as a freshman at BYU. Those early posts, complete with grammatical error and awful fashion choices are somewhat cringe worthy. However, when I do go back to the beginning and look at those first posts from a  young 18 year old me, I can't help but keep reading. I scroll through post after post, my heart stopping at certain lines of words that speak to me.

Words that I wrote.

Words that wrote me.

Although the posts that fill it have not always been profound, this little corner of the internet I've carved out for myself tells a story of becoming. You see it in the pictures, in the experiences and people included, and in the writing. However I like to think that more than just documenting those changes, this blog has catalyzed them. It was here that I learned the power words have on my soul,  and here that using those words, I became who I am today. 

The blog has changed as I have changed. I've debated many times starting a new one, a clean, white, blank canvas tempting me to leave. This blog wasn't ever about being fresh and new though-it has always been about the journey of becoming; a journey that inherently involves the past. It involves the ins and outs of the every day life, and the of those seemingly small and insignificant moments that come together and culminate in the creation of an entire life. A journey that romances me so greatly, that the temptation to start a new always fades.I think I'll stay here awhile longer still. 

There are words, and life, yet to be written.


I thought I'd celebrate my 6 years of blogging by creating a little list of the posts that mean the most to me (in no particular order)