Sunday, July 28, 2013

I heart NY

Basically it was too perfect to not happen.

Jet Blue has no direct flights from Boston to Salt Lake, they all go through New York City. And I'm the kind of girl that hates the idea of just "going through" New York City. There is something tragic about being there, but not getting to experience it. New York is to be enjoyed. It is a destination, not just a layover. So it was only logical that I simply must spend some time there.

Even stronger than my belief that New York is grander than a layover though is my belief that dear friends should see each other as much as possible.

And the Holt sisters are some of my dearest friends.

Therefore-it only made sense that instead of heading home after Boston, I simply must spend a few days in the Big Apple, with my dearest Brooke and Ash. It was perfect.

Luckily for me, they agree about both of my above points and were happy to open up their hearts, apartment, air mattresses, and schedules for me.

Three days may not sound very long, and trust me it is not-especially for New York. But wow we got to do a lot there! Since I had been to New York City before I didn't feel pressured to do all the touristy stuff and instead I got to explore more of the hidden gems of the city and see there favorite parts, which is really the way I love to travel.

We waited hours for discount tickets to Once, and then enjoyed this beautiful piece of theater in our coordinated J Crew pencil skirts. 

We went to church in one of our most stunning church buildings I've ever seen. We enjoyed delicious dinner with their family, and cute niece. We took in the sights from the Staten Island Ferry.

We stayed up late, and talked all night. We went to the 9/11 Memorial. We got pedicures. We shopped canal street where we got-you guessed it coordinating purses. We explored the C. Wonder shop that is such a big part of Brooke's life.

We ate at delicious meals. We walked the Highline. We enjoyed Central Park. We sampled the best of New York's bagels. We brunched. 

The best part though-that "we" did all these things.

Seriously, the very best thing about this trip was getting to spend quality time with Ashley and Brooke. I love each of those girls and I love being their "next door roommate"Both of them, although very different from each other, are such sweet, fun, wonderful friends.

Ashley is one of the most self-less people I've met. She is someone I love being around, not only because she is so much fun, but because she is so caring. She is always so interested in me, my life, and is truly one of those friends who feels for the people she cares about-my happiness is hers as well. Getting to spend so much time with her in New York, catching up on her life, was exactly what I needed and made me so very happy.

Brooke is one of my very kindest friends. She made me feel so welcome with her and Ashley while I stayed there, and was so interested in me and my life. She is so hardworking, and very talented. She is getting to do some really great things there in New York, and I absolutely loved seeing and understanding more the things that she is passionate about. Also she wins the award for the funniest comment for the weekend-her honesty kept me laughing all weekend.

Basically it was a perfect few days with these girls.

Ash and Brooke-I can't thank you enough for having me and for showing me your New York. I can't wait to have you both back in Utah. I miss you already!

Disclaimer: the majority of these pictures were taken by the Holt girls. Also Ash did a much better job blogging about this trip here.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


When Dad invited me to make good use of a flight credit I had and tag along with him and Mom to Boston I obviously jumped at the opportunity.

I had always wanted to see Boston, and so I was excited to explore.

What I found quickly though was that Boston far exceeded my expectations. I fell completely in love with that city. 

How could I not though?

My first day there Mom took me on a  grand tour of the city. We shopped on this road referred to as "Antique Row" near Beacon Hill. The buildings were brownstone, the streets were cobblestone and it was love at first sight.

(Just ignore my red-eye-plus-sinus-infected exhausted look)

Also, I absolutely adore old things, and lets face it Boston is pretty much as old as it gets in this country. Old buildings, old cemeteries, old roads... I adored it all.

Another thing I loved about Boston-the Freedom Trail.
I've always loved American history, and it was so cool to see the places that helped shape our country.
Mom was nice enough to do the whole thing with me that day, and Dad was able to meet up with us after his meetings. 
The site of the Boston Massacre 

On Friday we toured Fenway Park. Now I'm not going to say that all of a sudden Fenway made me love baseball, but it did make me crave it.

I, for the first time in my life, wanted to go to a baseball game. 

See Boston really is magical. And I love that. 

On the Green Monster

Oh and the food. The food in Boston can't be beat! Especially in the North End. Between the Italian food and the delicious pastries I was in complete food heaven.

Another thing I loved about Boston? How close it was to Harvard. Ten minutes on the subway and there we were-at Harvard Square. 

The statue of 3 Lies-all of which I knew from the Social Network...

The thing I loved most about Boston though was definitely getting to explore it with these two. I had a great time hanging out with them. 

Well that, and the sailboats.

Thanks for letting me tag along Mom and Dad! (and for taking care of me when I was sick) You are the best. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Independence Day Celebration

This 4th of July the London's were just a tiny bit sad, having said goodbye to our missionary just the day before.

Luckily we had great, big, firework-included plans to celebrate the holiday, and nothing cheers us up like a celebration... well that and fireworks.

We spent the day in Provo, arriving early enough to beat the traffic. The afternoon was a blast-we played some great arcade games, and saw the Lone Ranger.

And we spent the night at Stadium of Fire-in awe of Cirque du Soleil, Kelly Clarkson, and the very best fireworks.

It was a blast! And although we didn't forget about missing our missionary-all our dancing and fireworks sure cheered us right up!!

*Disclaimer: the men did not dance, but they were very good sports while we did.

Carly Rae Jeppson

 Kelly Clarkson

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sharing my Sister

I've started this post a dozen times, each time not sure exactly what to say.

So I've decided, I think, to just say this:

Sharing my sister is one of the hardest things I've had to do this far in life. Knowing that I won't get to call her when I need someone to make me laugh, or be able to burst out randomly in song and have someone there to finish it with me. Knowing that she will likely not be here for big changes within our family, as I start my career and decide exactly what I am going to make of this life of mine.

When I think of her not being here I can't help but cry.

However one thing I know without a doubt is this:

God is good.

He knows when we hurt, when we cry, and he knows how best to heal our pains.

For me that healing is the rain.

I am of the mindset that rain gets a bad reputation-for me rain is something that I find incredibly beautiful, a reminder of how grand and incredible and eternal things really are.

And it seems that when I most need it, when I hurt or stressed or scared God opens the heavens a little and lets the rain remind me that he is there.

Friday and Saturday I sat in our dark living room in awe-mesmerized by the rain beating down from the sky against our little house, against me. It was the reminder that I needed-that I am never alone.

So although Abbie won't be here for 18 months, at least I'll have the rain, and more importantly all that it brings with it.

Before her farewell

After she was set apart as a full time missionary

Right before heading to the MTC

I hope you all know too that I could not be more happy for Abbie. There is nowhere else I would rather her be during this time than on a mission-dedicating herself full time to preaching the gospel of our Lord. Honestly I am so very happy for her, so very proud of her, and so excited for what this will do to her and her life.

It's just that sometimes sharing your sister is hard.

If you're a fan of Abbie's (and really who isn't?) please feel free to check out her blog. Mom has asked me to take it on, and share her pictures and letters with our friends and family. Honestly, if you miss her just read her letters-there is no way to be anything but happy after that.

You can find the blog here.

Or on the sidebar!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I have been awful at blogging this month. I hope that means I've just been too busy living! However, June has been an absolute dream, I just had to pay tribute to that. So, what better way then a little happy list...

10 Things that Made me Terribly Happy This Month:

1-Having time to read for pleasure.

2-Max Brenner, Serendipity and naps at the pool in Las Vegas:

3-Buying a ticket to the Lumineers concert

4-Helping this lovely couple get engaged

5-My $3 investment in frosting tips

6-One of my favorite friends coming up to Sandy for a visit

7-Lots of family time (including family pictures)

8- Being done with our major cleaning/yard work projects

9-Listening to this girl talk in church (twice!) and seeing her get ready for her mission

10-Spending time with this guy