Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am constantly making decisions, choosing one thing, opening doors, deciding. With each decision I make I open the door to something, and by doing so every other possible door closes. Everything else that could have been is no longer an option for a reality. I open a door by deciding, and from that decision although the other options close, other new doors open. After all when one door closes another one opens. In life I don't let myself look back with regrets, I tell myself that I can't spend my time wondering what would have happened had I chosen the other door. Sometimes I get so caught up in not dwelling on the past that I don't take the time to ponder the path that led me to the doors I now face. The things that meant enough to me to influence me to put my hand out, and pull a door open. Today I let myself stroll back down the path and remember what brought me to where I now am, and I discovered a few things. I found out just how many doors I have already opened, and that in my life the doors I haven't opened have not really been missed. It was this discovery that reminded me about how this life works. I chose a door to open. Sometimes I think for a long time about which one to open, others I do it quickly and spontaneously but always I chose. After I chose I make the effort, I twist the handle, I open the door. Then I do the hard part- I walk through the now open door, not knowing whats coming. I act upon my decision. This is the test of my faith. I exercise this faith, I put it all in the Lord's hand, and he blesses me with more doors, with help choosing doors, and with his companionship when I have to walk through one. And no matter what, if I'm doing the right thing, putting my trust in him, and doing everything I can he will make sure the right doors come along, and that they will all lead me to what is good, and what is right. It's this knowledge that makes it easier for me to face all these doors, knowing that I am not alone in choosing, and that I never will be.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Week of Celebrating!

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile! I guess I'm mostly apologising to my parents- I know not many people actually read this thing, but they always do and Dad's been mentioning that it's been awhile, so sorry it took so long! This past week has been so much fun and so great! On Wednesday night I went to my very first opera! Stacie, Rachelle and I went down to Capital Theater and saw the Marriage of Figaro for classes we're each in. (I would like to take this moment and give a shout out to Stacie because she told me she actually reads this-I love you like I love my kitten-for those of you who don't know what that means it's just a little opera lingo! See how cultured I'm becoming!) We had such an exciting time running(quite literally) around downtown in our high heels, and when we were really crunched on time, barefoot! Some highlights of the night included sneaking in our delicious Japanese candy, and reading the program for the fourth act! Thanks for making it so fun girls!
Stacie and I after becoming cultured!

The next day was March 19-my 19th birthday! It was such an awesome day! I got to have breakfast with my mom, hear the classic "19 years ago..." story, wear my favorite outfit(including my hot pink heels!), play with the streamers on my door that the girls on my floor decorated, go to dinner with the family at Bonsai, open presents, eat cake, laugh with my family, actually watch the Office and 30 Rock on a real TV on Thursday nights(as opposed to watching them online the next day) and sleep in my big comfy bed! It was the best birthday yet! Thanks family and friends!
I love this picture with the fire!
Dad, you look hot-you know like that worker at Haunted Mansion.. ha ha ha...
(PS-that is not as creepy as it sounds, inside joke!)
Because I was turning 19 on the 19th I decided I needed to celebrate my awesome golden birthday in an awesome way! So I asked my family to give me 19 presents! I told them that they didn't need to be big things but that I just love opening presents, and because my parents are the best I came home that night to see 19 wrapped presents! Most of them are from the $ store but I love them each! I received: sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, a pair of socks, a bottle of Diet Coke, a package of gum, a coloring book, a plastic kite, a clydasope, a box of chocolate eggs, a circular puzzle thing, a sewing kit, a box of mint girl scout cookies, tweezers, a fingernail file thing, water ballons, a slinky, an Easter decoration, a pair of earrings and a hankie for the temple dedication, and a car duster! I loved them all! They also gave me some $ for shopping-which I always love! Thanks mom and dad!!!
Me and my Diet Coke!
The next day I had the opportunity to attend the Draper Temple cornerstone ceremony. Megan was singing in a special choir that was performing their and got to sing for the prophet. We had to wake up early and wait outside for a couple hours but it was such a neat experience. Because I've had the opportunity to attend the open house a few times and then volunteer there for a few hours I really feel like this temple is truly mine. Being able to put some mortar in the corner stone after the prophet and apostles were done also added to the feelings I had for this temple. I just love it!
On Saturday we had the opportunity to attend as session of the Draper Temple Dedication in the temple. We were in the large sealing room. It is so beautiful in their, and the spirit was so amazing as the temple was dedicated to the Lord. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I love the temple so much and can't wait to go back.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grandma and A Whole Lot of Red

On Saturday Dad, Mom, Abbie and I went to the women's Utah vs BYU basketball game to watch dad give out the Deseret Duel. Both teams played great and it was an exciting and intense game. Little did we know that the lady Utes win would make it so Utah would win the entire Duel. We were so excited-Way to go Utes!
After the game we went for a few minutes to go visit grandma!

Notice how we're all still decked out in our best Utah outfits, well except Grandma...
She still looks great though, even if there was some blue in her outfit
We love seeing grandma but its been hard watching the effects of Dementia take their toll on her and the others there. Visiting her always reminds me of two things though 1) that I'm loved and 2) that I really want to be a nurse so that I can help people like the nurses there do for her
Dad giving out the award to the Utah team. They were so excited they won
Now, living in Provo the fact that there was another game going on Saturday did not escape my attention. Actually it was impossible to ignore, what with my friends camping outside the Marriot center for a week to get good seats and all the e-mails I got from the BYUSA about the "white out". In the spirit of being true to myself I wore a red Utah shirt to class and around campus all day Friday. Don't worry-no one attacked me! As for the game-I'm not a poor loser and I congratulate the Cougs on there win! (They did lose to Utah once this season though-lets not forget that). When the Cougars win it does make nearly everyone here in Happy Valley extra happy so I will not complain! I will however still be sporting my color of choice.
And look how proud that makes Dad..