Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grandma and A Whole Lot of Red

On Saturday Dad, Mom, Abbie and I went to the women's Utah vs BYU basketball game to watch dad give out the Deseret Duel. Both teams played great and it was an exciting and intense game. Little did we know that the lady Utes win would make it so Utah would win the entire Duel. We were so excited-Way to go Utes!
After the game we went for a few minutes to go visit grandma!

Notice how we're all still decked out in our best Utah outfits, well except Grandma...
She still looks great though, even if there was some blue in her outfit
We love seeing grandma but its been hard watching the effects of Dementia take their toll on her and the others there. Visiting her always reminds me of two things though 1) that I'm loved and 2) that I really want to be a nurse so that I can help people like the nurses there do for her
Dad giving out the award to the Utah team. They were so excited they won
Now, living in Provo the fact that there was another game going on Saturday did not escape my attention. Actually it was impossible to ignore, what with my friends camping outside the Marriot center for a week to get good seats and all the e-mails I got from the BYUSA about the "white out". In the spirit of being true to myself I wore a red Utah shirt to class and around campus all day Friday. Don't worry-no one attacked me! As for the game-I'm not a poor loser and I congratulate the Cougs on there win! (They did lose to Utah once this season though-lets not forget that). When the Cougars win it does make nearly everyone here in Happy Valley extra happy so I will not complain! I will however still be sporting my color of choice.
And look how proud that makes Dad..

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Shane said...

Great post, except all of the pictures of me. Glad you could come up and be with us. It means so much to us, and also to grandma, when we get to be with you. Enjoy your week at school. GO UTES!