Friday, October 23, 2015

Our Last Summer as a Family of 2

Between the first trimester exhaustion, working full time, and all the baby excitement I definitely didn't blog much this summer. However, I wanted to just take a little space here to write about a couple of my favorite things we were able to do this summer-our last summer as a family of two. 

Fathers Day
Celebrating Fathers Day was awesome this year. In the morning I got pretty sick and instead of making breakfast for Nate, I stayed in bed eating toast and praying I'd feel better. Luckily prayers are answered and soon enough I was feeling great-and we finally got to honor our fathers, tell our siblings about the baby, and celebrate Nate's new role as a dad. 

4th of July
We celebrated the 4th of July this year by checking out the hot air balloons, camping out (in our house-pregnant camping does not sound appealing), cruising University Ave to check out everyone camped out for the parade, BBQ-ing with my family, and rocking out to Journey. Independence Day in Provo is always the best, and I'm so glad we were able to have such a fun one.

I took a quick, unexpected trip to California at the end of July to go to my grandma's funeral. Because of work Nate had to stay home, however it was so good for me to be able to go there and spend time with my family. I'll always remember how nice it was to be gathered with so many of my cousins, laughing over stories about our grandparents. I learned so much about my grandma this summer-and so much about my pops. Reading their love letters though-that was definitely a highlight. 

Our Everyday
Although the holidays were fun, and the trip to California so important, my favorite thing about this summer was just our everyday life. Nate started a new internship that has been such a blessing to us. We worked all day, and spent our evenings going on walks, BBQ-ing, watching our TV shows, going to $5 movies, at my doctor's appointments and talking about our baby. On the weekends we would sleep in, go to the farmers market, go on dates, and teach primary. It may not sound like anything too exciting-but these little moments spent just the two of us-these are the moments that mean the most to me, the ones I want to remember most about the time when we were just a little family of two.

Bumpin' Bumpin'

I'm completely obsessed with my baby boy, and everything that has to do with him-including this (not so little anymore) bump. I have actually loved watching my body grow in this way, and knowing that my little boy is growing right along with me. I'm so amazed by this whole baby growing process, and I feel so blessed to be experiencing it.

Thirteen Weeks
Fourteen Weeks 
(officially in that 2nd trimester and ready to tell the world)

Fifteen Weeks

Sixteen Weeks

Seventeen Weeks

Eighteen Weeks

Nineteen Weeks (It's a Boy!)

Twenty Weeks (Halfway!)

Twenty-one Weeks

Twenty-two Weeks

Twenty-three Weeks

Twenty-four Weeks