Monday, February 22, 2010

London Calling

So... it's official. I've been accepted to the London Study Abroad program through BYU for next fall!!! I've never wanted to go somewhere so badly as I wanted to get into this program, and today I found out I'm going!!!! So from the last week of August to the second week of December this year I will be living in London. I could not be more excited!

I will be living here:

(The BYU London Center)

Going through this door everyday:

(isn't it so cute!)

Visiting this:
(The London bridge! I hope it doesn't fall down!)

And admiring him:
(Big Ben... obviously)

Going to class here:
(At the BYU London Center)

Exploring here: (and hopefully running to stay in shape)
(The beautiful Hyde Park-which is supposedly right close by my little home there!)
Possibly catching a show here:

(London's theater district)
And...Traveling via this, well and the tube:
(an awesome double decker bus)
There will also be amazing classes, and lots of studying, great professors, possibly sharing a room with 12 other girls, shopping, delicious food (I've always wanted to try a crumpet!), a calling in a local ward, new friendships, more shopping, exploring my namesake and places where my ancestors lived and lots of pictures. So, throughout my time there, I will never have to steal artwork from Google like I did for this post, they will be all mine!
If you have any tips or suggestions of where to visit please let me know! Now, on to making money so I can go! :)
PS-Did I mention I am REALLY excited?
PPS-Thanks family for being so supportive and excited for me. I'll miss you more then I can say, but it's going to be awesome, thanks to your love and help! I love you all!


Before I left the apartment today to head home for a bit we had a big roommate group hug. Then the roomies decided to say all the things they loved about me, "in case she dies" as Mikhael put it, much to my disapproval. Well Khaels, I'm not going to die. However, the things you all said, other then the dying comment, lifted me up and made me feel so loved and happy. So, once again I just want to say something sappy and sweet about these girls I live with. The Singles Ward would describe it like this: "I just love my roommates with every fiber of my being."

Really though I'm sorta losing a technical fiber of my being tomorrow, so that doesn't work. And that phrase is such a huge Provo cliche and I hate those. So maybe I should just say it like it is.

I love that you each because:
*You forgive me when I'm mean and tired
*You cuddle and watch movies with me... until your boyfriend comes :)
*You stay up late into the night chatting with me
*You argue with me, but not in a mean way
*You love me despite my being super chipper and singy this morning
*You make me feel amazing about myself
*We always laugh
*We all make each other want to be our very best

I'm lucky to have you as my little family in Provo. You girls mean a lot to me.


(For those less acronym savey it means Love Ya Like A Sister)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Man I Love

Given the title of this post you may think I'm engaged... sorry for the false excitement. I'm not sorry for the title though. It accurately describes my feelings for this man:

Did you watch him last night? If not it's ok-check out the brilliance that is Shaun White HERE.

Did you see that air? The front side double cork? The sweet jean like snow pants and the sick jackets? The score? The double mctwist 1260 aka The Tomahawk? The victory lap? That hair? The gold?

(If you didn't see all that, it's ok to watch it again... and again and again... I did)


I love him.
That's all. enjoy.
*Photo from the NY Times

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A good thought. A noble, often lofty goal. An ideal to strive for. A thing to hope to achieve in the future.

But nonexistent in my life today.

3 classes.

2 review sessions.

1 ward activity duty.

1 D&C test.

At least 2 more hours of studying for said test.

Needless to say I don't have time for the sharp pain in my stomach.

I guess thats life though-having to make time for the unexpected. So, I sit here blogging with an ice cold Diet Coke and a few Cadberry eggs and convince myself that the lack of calories in the Diet Coke evens out the astronomical amount in the Cadberry. And then I decide that either way it's fine because the chocolate and d.c. may not heal the sharp pain in my stomach but they do heal my mentality. Keep me sane and such.

Some day I'll find simplicity... I feel that it is a long way down the road however. Dad loved to point out to me the other day that life only gets more busy when you're old, until about 80. So at age 80 I hope to find it.

Until then, I will strive for it. And, when it is the farthest thing from my life I'll just deal-as long as I have chocolate and diet coke :)

It's 2 am & I can't sleep so I decided to blog.... Only problem is that I'm on my I pod and for some reason it won't let me type in the body...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Just because I'm not currently "in love" with someone doesn't mean that I am lacking lovin. So today on this Day of Love I would like to take some time to share the things I love most with each of you:

1-I love my family. Yes I do. Love love love them. Always and forever

2-I love the roommates. BFFLs.

3-I love ice cold diet coke. Wish I had one now :(

4-I love the smell of rain. And dancing in rain. And puddle jumping.

5-I love chick flicks. Especially one's where best friends fall in love. I'm a sucker, and I cry.

6-I love reading a good book while currled on the comfy couch.

7-I love chocolate, and cupcakes... all sweet things really. Yum!

8-I love writing.

9-I love shopping.

10-I love all things medical/health/dr related....with one exception-chemistry

11-I love my wards... both of em

12-I love all my dear friends.

13-I love Heavenly Father. I'm his daughter. And I love his gospel. And the joy it brings.

14-I love love. Great feeling!

What do you love?

PS-I love you for reading this? ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have you ever thought about, what protects our hearts? Just a cage of rib bone and other various parts.

Lately, there has been lots of fun to be had...

There was that day Stacie came over and brought me chocolate covered strawberries and a diet coke just because she is awesome... and it made my day!! They were de-lic-ious!

(Look how pretty.. I had to take a picture)

Then there was the Renaissance fair put on by Hillcrest. Megan got to be a beautiful sorceress and Abbie-a nun. Mom was a wench. (Yes I'm enjoying writing this sentence, not very often can I say my mom is a wench...) Dad and I, and my roommate Rachel that came were just ourselves. Well, except when dad used his awesome old English accent... Oh dad :)

Then, there was the Cinderella ball. All of us girls dressed up and those of us who do not have boyfriends had blind dates. They selected us by choosing our shoe... just like Cinderella. Only in Provo. It was a fun... and interesting... experience. At least it resulted in great stories. Like how when we were all dancing, after our lovely dates had left, and I yelled for Rach to dip me, she of course said OK.... and immediately threw me on the ground. As if that wasn't bad enough, Chris said, into the mic "Nicole, did you just fall down?" Right in the middle of the song... EPIC FAILURE

Did I mention how awesome the girls all looked?!

There were also more trips to the doctors, an epic Mexican-themed break the fast, the Super Bowl, car jumping experiences (scariest thing of all), Henry V, and obviously some fun with picnic.
There was studying too. And classes. And I'm loving all my Public Health classes too.

(That sentence was dedicated to you Dad, so you know that I am working hard!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 Times in 5 Days...

Not the number of times I ate chocolate... (I'm sure it was much greater)

Not the number of naps I got.... ( I wish!)

Not the number of times I posted on this blog... (Obviously)

Not the number of times I laughed... (I'm positive it was more)

Not the number of times I showered... (More frequently, don't worry!)

Not the number of times I saw my family or did my homework, or went to class, or took a test.

So-what is it? The number of times I was at the Dr's office last week. It's ok though, because we're getting closer to figuring all out! Which makes me happy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today I Saw My Insides

My insides have been hurting lately. A lot. Maybe I'm just a wimp but to me it hurts A LOT. Then I read other peoples blogs, like Nie who I admire so much and I realize that I don't hurt A LOT, and I am grateful. But I must remind myself to be grateful, because my insides keep reminding me to be self-centered.

When my insides hurt I get frustrated. I get upset that the dr. can't tell me what is wrong. I get mad that they hurt at the worst possible times. I get sad that they hurt at all. I get depressed when no one knows why they hurt.
And today as we were looking at my insides I kept wondering if they were good. Sometimes I feel like deep inside, my most important inside, is not always good. I try so hard to be good, I really do, but I still get ugly at times-and this hurts my heart. I wonder if thats what my other insides are doing. They are probably trying so hard to be good, but they keep messing up. I guess I have some sympathy for them. I guess I understand.
I like seeing my insides. Always have. Always been fascinated with that kind of thing.
Today was no exception, because insides are quite extraordinary, don't you think?
PS-even though my insides hurt the following things helped me feel better: Dad's flannel shirt, Paradise's creamy tomato soup, the first diet coke of quite awhile, and ADELE's Chasing Pavement.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

17 Things You May Not Have Known About Me...

1-If my life were a movie it would not be a blockbuster with special effects or steamy love plots. It would be more simple.. think a cross between 500 Days of Summer (for the simple pace) and While You Were Sleeping (for the slight humor)

2-My favorite bad is The Fray (especially Happiness)

3-I'm very scared of clowns

4-I often dance in the rain. Often. (also bonus fact: The rain is my favorite thing ever! So BEAUTIFUL)

5-I hate my glasses. Even if they look beautiful on others. I think it's because my face is too round for glasses.

6-I don't want to grow up. Never, never land anyone? Yet I also want to finish school and explore this world.

7-I've only changed my major once

8-I aspire to be an excellent cook. Someday. I just need the practice. And the time to practice.

9-I love going on long drives with just me and the i pod

10-My favorite feeling is laughing so hard that I can't breath

11-I dream every single night. Vividly. And I consider it one of my greatest blessings

12-Politics fascinate me, luckily I'm learning to keep some of that too my self at certain times...(State of the Union can get a little fiery if I get upset and don't have well thought out opinions)

13-I'm one of those people who always thinks "Oh I should have said that..." 3 hours after a conversation (like on you've got mail...)

14-I love when I can spend all morning in my pajamas

15-Lately I've been craving fruit and veggies... like never before in my life. Weird? I think so

16-I can quote from possibly every episode of the Office, but these days 30 Rock holds the keys to the humor section of my heart. Only love for Tina and Alec.

17-I'm slightly blog addicted. If you're reading this I'm flattered because I'm sure I absolutely adore your blog!