Monday, April 13, 2015

Wonderful Unknown

"We can't insist on our own timetables when the Lord has his own... The Lord's delays often seen long. But they are always calculated to bless."
-President Eyring, Where is the Pavilion

Tonight laying on a blanket in our front yard we soaked up the remaining rays of sunshine with a couple good books. The light started to sink behind our little neighborhood and I caught a glimpse of Nate, smiling. As I watched him fly his helicopter around the yard,  the sun lighting up his face, I had the very distinct feeling that this, these very moments, are why we're here right now. Living here in our little home, just the two of us.

Last year when we got married it was not our plan to still be here in Provo. We had other dreams, and ambitions. Dreams we felt good about, ambitions that felt right. Despite the fact that this year didn't work out as we had planned, it has worked out perfectly. We've been able to spend so much time together-exploring, reading, cooking, traveling, teaching-together. We've had so many seemingly simple moments and conversations that have meant everything to me. We were given a beautiful gift from our loving Heavenly Father-not a year we wanted, but a better year, one of incredible happiness.

We're at a time again where our future is very much unknown. However, we feel at peace with this fact. How could we not, after the year we've had? So as the sun sets on this year of our lives we look forward, faithfully, to our wonderful unknown.