Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorable Memorial Day

This holiday weekend was spent exploring park city, learning how to tackle (if only Nat and I could remember to keep our butts down), shopping, sleeping, eating, having my favorite 5 year old teach me how to shuffle, hanging out with family, boating, bike washing, enjoying a concert, and ending every night way too late after staying up with some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

Basically it was wonderful.

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learn & Love Lists

Latley I've been learning a lot of things.
Here are some of my personal favorites:

-Tom Selleck was originally set to play Indiana Jones, but he had a contract problem due to Magnum PI. (I always thought Indie should have a rockin mustache) source.

-I love to do hard things. I don't know why but when given a hard option, and one that is easier I almost always choose the hard.

-Green Eggs and Ham was written on a dare-the dare being that Dr. Seuss couldn't write a book using only 50 words. Green Eggs and Ham has exactly 50. source.
- l'espirit de l'escalier: French. the feeling you get after leaving a conversation, when you think of all the things you should have said. Kathleen Kelly and I both suffer from this. It's nice to know it has a name.
-Yes I love Diet Coke. Honestly though, I've learned that I like the experience more than the drink. What can I say, I guess I'm a social drinker. Anyone want to go on a Diet Coke run? Jenna where are you?

Lately I've also been loving a lot of things.
Here are some of my personal favorites:

-This movie trailer. Just another reason I can't wait for Christmas.

-The Paris Wife. So sad and troubling but so beautiful.

-Life Saver gummies. Delicious.

-My free trial of Spotify Premium. If you don't have Spotify quit reading now and download it here. Best decision you'll make all day.

-The fact that I've still never lost a game of Disney Scene It, even after a much anticipated round last night. I may not be the best cook, the greatest writer, or the fastest runner but you better believe I'm the best at this game. (don't worry if I could choose to be the best at something it wouldn't be this-but we've got to take our victories as they come I guess)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Things Making Me Terribly Happy

10 Things Making Me Terribly Happy:
Because despite my lack of sleep lately life really is wonderful
1- Call Me Maybe. (especially this)
2-Staying up until two in the morning. It is almost always worth it.
3-Sisters who drive to Provo to hang out and eat snow cones. Those two girls are pretty great. And so are snow cones.
4-Reading for pleasure. One of the highlights of each summer.
5-Going running. (words I never thought would make me happy...)
6-Eating s'mores
7-That my new roommate is pretty great and loves diet coke too.
8-Getting your hair washed, cut and blown out by someone else.
9-Spending Mothers Day with my Muder. It was lovely-just like her
10- Lately lots of wonderful things have been happening to the people I care about. Big, life changing, wonderful things. So often in life bad things happen to good people, it has been refreshing to see such good things happen to the people who deserve it most. It makes me terribly happy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Believe Some Shout Outs Are In Order

So here we go:

A big shout out to my Megan Annie for finishing up her finals, and her first year at SLCC.

Megs, I know Snow wasn't somewhere that made you happy, and I'm so glad you were brave enough to embrace change and find something that did make you happy. Way to go girl!

A shout out to Abbie as she preps so diligently for her AP tests.

With sass like that how could she not rock her tests?

Abs-soon it will all be over, and in a month you graduate. What?!?! Who told you it was ok for you to grow up? Not me. Just get through these awful tests and then enjoy what you have left!
Next up to one of my dearest friends in the world, Stacie. She graduates from the University of Utah today!! That is right, she is graduating from college today.
 I am so proud of you Stace, and all you've accomplished during your college career! Enjoy celebrating this weekend, and make some time soon to celebrate with me!

And finally a shout out to my lovely mother for always being brave, and strong, and happy and for remembering that chocolate and diet coke can cure anything!

Case in point-the diet coke makes everything great!

 I can't wait to see you tomorrow, and I'll be thinking about you lots today.

Once again I have to say I have the greatest people in my life. Thanks for being so good to me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Best Days

Are double-feature movie days with my mom.

I love the afternoons turned evenings where we hide out in cool theaters sipping on large diet cokes, laughing, chatting, maybe crying.

Honestly for her and I they are necessary sometimes. We talk a lot. We visit, and spend time together frequently. And I always love being with her, and treasure those times.

But there is something about those double-feature movie days. They are never pre-meditated. But as we exit the movie, and chat, we soon find ourselves purchasing tickets again, not ready to leave quite yet. Not ready to exit the theater, and drive away in opposite directions.

It's the act of doing nothing, and choosing to do that nothing with each other that means the most to me.

So thanks mom. For the movies, the diet coke, the company, the chatting, and really just your time.

Can't wait to do it again.