Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Things Making Me Terribly Happy

10 Things Making Me Terribly Happy:
Because despite my lack of sleep lately life really is wonderful
1- Call Me Maybe. (especially this)
2-Staying up until two in the morning. It is almost always worth it.
3-Sisters who drive to Provo to hang out and eat snow cones. Those two girls are pretty great. And so are snow cones.
4-Reading for pleasure. One of the highlights of each summer.
5-Going running. (words I never thought would make me happy...)
6-Eating s'mores
7-That my new roommate is pretty great and loves diet coke too.
8-Getting your hair washed, cut and blown out by someone else.
9-Spending Mothers Day with my Muder. It was lovely-just like her
10- Lately lots of wonderful things have been happening to the people I care about. Big, life changing, wonderful things. So often in life bad things happen to good people, it has been refreshing to see such good things happen to the people who deserve it most. It makes me terribly happy.

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molly jane said...

wow, in love with that video. hahahhaa.