Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Letter to my 7 Year Old Self on my 21st Birthday

(Today I'm taking a cue from my friend, who in the blogging world goes by Sera. I adore her, and when I saw her letter posted on her blog I melted. So, here is my shot at at it)

7 Year old Nicole,

Yes, you will indeed make it to 21, although sometimes when you drove it was questionable.
Your 21st birthday will be great, as will all the others in between. Your 16th was especially great-don't stress about it at all... it'll be the best.
When grandma gives you a gift question her about it more. Ask how grandpa paid for it? Was she surprised? How long had they been dating?
When your afraid to put yourself out there, just smile. Always fake that smile, and pretty soon it'll be real.

Defend your sisters till the end. They will still be your best friends in 14 years, and I'm guessing 14 more after that, and 14 more after that, and so on.

When your living very far from home, completely broke, about to sleep on a disgusting airport floor and your best friend is mean to you just break down and cry. It won't change the situation at all, but you'll never feel more love for your parents as you do when they're sitting on the end of a computer listening to you bawl your eyes out thousands of miles away. However, no matter how serious you maybe about changing your flight and heading home that very day-don't do it!!!! That next week you spend in yet another country will be one of the greatest of your life. And, you'll be home before you know it.

Yes, another country. You know what-for a little while you'll have the opportunity to call a city and country that you've always dreamed of visiting "home" Take it all in, enjoy the mundane and write to your family often.

His name is Jose. I know this doesn't make sense right now, but know this, and don't forget it. Really.

Right now, go over to Pop's and sit on the couch drink juice and eat croutons and ask him to sing the song about the wooden Indian, and tell you about dead ed.

Now, that your back... yes I was very serious about the "right now". The fact that you can do that right now is the beautiful part.

You probably don't want to hear this but mom and dad usually know what they're talking about.

You'll always love football. Some things never change. What does change is that instead of feeling like an outcast because the other girls don't when your 21 you'll feel very cool... because the boys appreciate it. (also your ncaa brackets that rock-they'll definitely appreciate that one too)

Jump in the fountain. You wont get deported :)

Stay close to your cousins-they're pretty great. And it would be really lame if you weren't friends with them for a few years and then just when you became close one decided to leave for a year and a half...

And finally on the day you turn 21 you'll still feel very uncertain about many things in your life and as much as it may kill you to admit this, there will still be lots and lots that you don't know. But guess what- You'll still be very, very happy.
-21 Year old Nicole

Day One isn't even half over...

Tied... 25 seconds left. My bracket rooting for Kentucky.

I take a deep breath as they dribble back and forth, running down the shot clock.

Finally, after what seems like ages he moves in, to the basket.

He shoots, the ball flies through the air and then you see and hear that sound that only signals victory


I exhale and Kentucky wins.

There is something beautiful about 20 year old boys playing for the love of the game, a nation riveted to the same games cheering for teams they normally wouldn't think about (Morehead... anyone?) and students across the country passing their hours in class with their laptops and iphones on, and sharing the scores in hushed whispers.

(why do professors even try?)

I believe in the power of march madness.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

calc midterm=2.5 hours in the testing center

ncaa tournament=lovin' my bracket

birthdays=saturday i'll be 21

awkward lunches=hilarious saturdays

daylight savings=sunny, more productive evenings

epidemiology midterm=no sleep

shell's birthday=cute new picture of us

chronic disease midterm=so. much. studying

new testament midterm=rocked it

warm weather=driving with the sunroof down

turning 21 satuday=trip to the dmv

physiology midterm=seriously? 5 tests in 9 days? how did i survive

millions of applications=got a job

cleaning out my saved junk=priceless blackmail

getting a job=staying in provo for summer

playing four square=a strong desire for summer

all of this added together=no time to blog!

(ps. jimmer? i've become quite the fan. only thing i like more about watching byu play-davies in his cute sweaters-watch for it)