Sunday, June 21, 2009

Honor Thy Father

It all began with Adam, if we want to get Biblical(it is the Sabbath after all) or with George Washington and the other forefathers if we want to get Patriotic(Dr. Holland would be so proud) no matter which stance you take it began with a strong, reliable, loving, kind, patient man, and my father is no exception to this description of what a remarkable father is. He is the best in the world(I know you think that your dad is but that is simply not the case-I don't lie) I could go on for hours describing why exactly my dad is the best, but it still wouldn't do justice, so I've compiled a list of ten things I love about my Dad and through this list I'll pay tribute to the man I love the most.
1-He is smart! Not just your average dad kind of smart but really smart. Got a question about your 401k? The best chicken noodle soup recipe? How to change a tire? What exactly the new government policy means? Ask him! He seriously has an answer to everything, and his answers are always given in a way that leaves you glad you asked.
2-Besides being smart he is wise! He knows exactly how morally wrong it is to commit ticket scam in a parking lot, and reminds you of the consequences in a loving way. He knows how to get me to make good decisions, by influencing them in mysterious dad ways. I'd say he is probably the wisest almost 50 year old I know...
3-His laugh when something is really really funny! I love that sound!

4-His sense of adventure. Normally my dad is a pretty structured guy. He goes to the gym at six thirty and always has meetings Tuesday nights, but when we're on vacation or out on a family outing he lets loose and the adventures we have then are my favorite!

5-His patience. I don't know any man in the world who could handle living in a house of girls better than he can. He has seen more chick flicks then any grown man should have to endure, and dealt with more mood swings in an atmosphere than a room of bipolar patients, and if we added up the minutes he has spent waiting for one of us to finally be done primping and getting ready it would probably rival the sands of the sea. And through it all he never complains. That is patience.

6-His vocabulary. From indigenous to grimace and a whole bunch of other words I don't even want to attempt to spell he has improved our communication skills through his large vocabulary!

7-Making cookies with him, especially at Christmas. He puts on his apron, mixes frosting colors, and lets us all let loose. As we use his mother's cookie recipe the joy that comes from seeing traditions passed on is evident in his face.

8-His compassion. When I get my heart broken, he aches too. When I have surgery he hurts as well. When I'm scared he comforts and when I'm sad he uplifts. He is always there for me and my mom and sisters with a compassionate heart.

9-His commitment to Heavenly Father, the gospel and being a good man. He truly knows what is important in life and he makes his choices accordingly. This makes him a great example to not just my family, but all who know him

10-He is just himself. True-he is a human being who occasionally makes mistakes but he learns from all he does and if what he learned helps others he shares that knowledge. Despite being human he has superpowers of knowing when I'm speeding, anticipating my needs and taking care of what he can, and finding happiness in the happiness of his girls. He never tries to be something he is not but embraces the person he is while constantly striving for progression
Dad-I don't know what I'd do or who I would be without your influence and love in my life. Always know that no matter how much I tease you I love you lots. Besides being the best dad you are also one of my very best friends. Happy Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

Whether we're driving from Holiday to Draper then turning around and doing it all again,
Making fun of kidneys that have a tendency to leak,
Building Fogurt/Yogurt Stop creations,
Searching for the best Bakery in town,
Painting our hearts out on random bowls and cups,
Really "trying to watch the movie"
Rockin out Sasha Fierce style
convincing each other to purchase various items
Stuffing marshmallows into our mouths
Or just talking about our ever so interesting lives
I'm glad I have you to laugh through all of it with!
You're the best Boss-a real Gem... Don't know what I'd do without you!
Much love!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Bees Game

Friday night was just another night that will go filed into my memory as one at the Ball Park. With people scalping tickets for $5 dollars, free parking, my many compartment purse that sneaks in more than enough treats for all, a few good blankets, a big firework finale, humor to rival even the best comedy clubs and the coolest people ever it becomes an inexpensive, yet priceless evening. It's the same scene it's been for the past three summers-we sit on the grass talking, spitting seeds, and occasionally watching the Bees. Some of the people have left, others have been added in, the inside jokes increase-as does the volume, and we still always forget our sunglasses, and despite the years that have gone by when I'm with these guys it always feels exactly the same!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ch Ch Ch changes!

"These things will change, can you feel it now? These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down."

So many changes, so little time...

First: I have a grown up job in a grown up world! I'm processor for Fortified Financials where I do loan modifications. (See-very grown up!) I'm the youngest one working there and I feel a little out of my element but my parents keep telling me that I am in fact a grown up now, even though I don't believe them. I'm doing my best to keep up and learn all about tax returns, Obama's making home affordable plan, calculating loan mods, and get through to lenders. It's crazy busy and I really am surprised just how much I really do like it(even though I complain once in awhile about having to work at all-thats just the ungrown up part about me)

Also: I got an office today! Previously I was working at a card table so this a HUGE improvement. I share an office with one other person but we have four big windows, wooden desks, and great views of I-15 and the train tracks!

Nextly: I went to the Taylor Swift concert and now I can't get enough of this girl! Do me a favor and check out the music video to You Belong with Me and listen to I'd Lie...(I'd lie isn't officially recorded, but it should be!)... LOVE THEM! Be warned though, after listening you will become so happy you will want to get up and dance while singing along.

Lastly: (As a general rule I saved the best for last....)

Megan my favorite middle sister(gotta make sure I include the middle part) made Vocal Ensemble and is next years Concert Choir Historian at Hillcrest! I'm so proud of my beautiful sister! I love you Megs! You'll always be one of my best a buds! :)