Sunday, April 13, 2014

An Incredibly Happy Day

March 27th, 2014 was the day my life changed forever.

I got to marry my best friend. 

When we were just dating I knew that Nate made me happy, and the night he proposed I didn't know if I could ever be so happy again.

But you know what-every day I was.

The day we got married involved some of the happiest moments of my entire life. The very happiest moments being those in the Draper temple when we were making those special covenants that will allow us to be together, married, forever. For as long as I am, I'll never forget the way Nate looked at me in those moments. And I'll never forget how incredibly happy I was.

What is really incredible though is that each day since, I've become more and more happy as I've come to love Nate more and more.

I know it's cheesy but it's true. Each day I wake up I think I love Nate as much as I possibly can, and by the time I go to sleep I realize that I love him even more. 

So, while the wedding day contained some of the very most happy moments of my life-my life gets happier and happier each day. I know that life will get harder, with the stresses of work and school, but I'm pretty sure that with Nate by side through everything this life brings it will continue to get happier.

I feel so blessed to have my very own little incredibly happily ever after.

(These photos taken by are darling friends and family. You better believe I'll be sharing many more as soon as I can)