Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thoughts on Climbing Mountains and Such

Last week Nate and I hiked Mount Timpanogos.

Did you read that. We climbed MOUNT TIMPANOGOS.

Everyone who has climbed Timp has an opinion on how to do it-sunrise hike, all day hike, backpack, hurry to the top, take your time, run the whole trail. Nate and I though, decided to do it our own way.

We backpacked.

Yes, I, Nicole Rau, backpacked. That Rau part of my name is really introducing some new things into my life. So, on Wednesday we grabbed our backpacks, and set out. That night we camped at Emerald Lake, and Thursday morning we hiked to the peak.

Like I said earlier though-we did it OUR way. Backpacking was more Nate, and stopping for the waterfalls, loving the rain, holding hands, and eating as much granola as possible was more me.

I'm not going to downplay it. Timp was one of the hardest things I've physically ever done. However, we did it, and  I'm so proud of us. We saw that giant mountain and we conquered it.

I couldn't help but think of the symbolism in this, as we encouraged each other up the final stretch up the mountain. Whenever I would get discouraged Nate would encourage me. When he didn't feel well I took care of him. In marriage, and in mountain climbing, life is just better when we're together. And together at our own pace, in our own way, we made it to the top.

We did it, and even better-we did it together.

P.S. This one is for all you that never thought you'd see me being a backpacker... (ok, mostly just Mom)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 4th

Our 4th of July celebrations actually started a little early. We went to the Oakley rodeo the week of the 4th. It was quite a treat-there are no words to describe a real small town rodeo. It was quite a blast though. Bull riding, delicious foods, and of course wonderful fireworks! 

 On the actual 4th of July Mom, Dad, Megan and Allison came over for a little BBQ. Nate and I were excited to have everyone over at our house, and serve up our homemade delicious burgers (seriously, Nate is pretty good at this whole grilling thing!). After a wonderful meal we all walked down to the stadium for Stadium of Fire. We had a blast singing along to Carrie Underwood, and watching the fireworks. It was a great way to celebrate the 4th! I'm so very grateful for this beautiful country, and the freedoms that exist here. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Evenings

The other day someone asked us how we fill our evenings. At the moment, we couldn't think of anything! Luckily we have cell phones, and can therefore remember how it is we've been spending these Summer evenings.

Shotgun shooting

Trying out new recipes (and grilling!)

Watching Lost (I know i'm 10 years late to the game here-but man that was a good show!)

Hiking the Y

Biking to the creamery for some delicious ice cream

Laundry, cleaning, boring house stuff

Finally hanging up our wedding photos and decorating our home

These little evenings may not seem very exciting-but to me there are all sorts of perfection. I could not be happier with my little, calm life.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Surprise Wedding Pictures

On the day of our wedding, our very talented wedding photographer-Tracy Hill-brought along a second photographer who was job shadowing her. 

I was so excited to get the amazing photos back from Tracy that I kind of forgot that this other photographer had a bunch of pictures from our day too! So imagine my delight when I got a disk full of what I consider "extra" wedding pictures.

Below are a few of our favorites-all taken by Jessica Lynn Photography.

Ben and Nate

I love that cloudy sky we had

I love seeing that ring on his finger

With the temple's cape thing, since it was freezing after all

I love this one of my stunning flowers, which were one of my favorite wedding details

Chasing the ducks

Making wishes

The little model 

I love that he picked out the ring all by himself

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ten Things Making Me Incredibly Happy...

(in no particular order)

10- The Provo Food Truck Round Up... I'm embarrassed by how many times we've been there since we found out about it in April. It's pretty much a perfect way to spend a Thursday evening.

9-My new office at work, sometimes a change of scenery is just nice

8-Strawberries and Cream at Pleasant Groves Strawberry days-and the great company we enjoyed them with!

7-Celebrating these two getting married! I couldn't be happier for them!

6-Lagoon day with this guy and his mom! And how few people were there that day-I'm pretty sure we rode the Colossas at least 6 times

5-Later evenings filled with sunshine for bike rides and walks

4-Lost marathons with Nate

3-Bonus wedding pictures

2-That today this favorite missionary of mine has been out 1 year! Only six more months until I get to hug her again!

1- That this guy has been my husband for over three months. Time flies when you're having fun-it's going to be a pretty incredibly happy forever