Friday, September 21, 2012

The Game That Wouldn't End

I'm not sure how to write about the game on Saturday.
But my goodness that night deserves a blog post.

I guess I'll start by writing about a soccer game I went to a few weeks ago. Where weirdly I found myself cheering for the girls in blue. Without thinking really I was wanting each attempt to be a goal and the girls to win. I was shocked by that feeling. As was my father, whom I believe used the word "disappointed".

It was a rough day for our relationship.

So, when football approached he for the first time, had to ask what color I would be wearing. Panic set in and literally for the weeks leading up to it I was in a constant internal state of conflict. Eventually I decided blue. It was my last year as a BYU coed and after all that this weird, quirky, odd, yet completely wonderful place has given me the least I could do is cheer them to victory.

However Friday I got a phone call from my Dad-asking me to wear red to dinner at the very least. "Dinner with the sports marketing people... won't be around to defend you.... please... I love you no matter who you cheer for... etc."

Well I'm a sucker for my old man, and really he very rarely asks me to do things for him. So on a deal I wore red to dinner, but my sweatshirt for the game was blue. We're really great at compromise.

We got to dinner and enjoyed a lovely meal, good company and real Diet Coke. (Utah-1 BYU-0). Mom had just gotten back from a trip to Seattle and I loved catching up with her, chatting with dad's colleagues and anticipating the game. On our way out to the game Dad stopped to ask someone a question, and in the process was upgraded to 4 box suite seats- "even though you have that BYU kid with you. Just keep your red on."

And so it was that for the evening my decisions were made for me(something I usually appreciate)-I would need to cheer for the U in a box, where it wouldn't be cold enough to justify a BYU sweater. I told my parents that this felt a lot like Satan's plan, no agency at all (Utah-1 BYU-1) and made my way up the elevator to the suite.

It was wonderful up there. There were unlimited cookies, food, and most importantly unlimited real Diet Coke (Utah-1,000 BYU-1).

As the game begun Mom, Megan and I enjoyed watching Dad, who was on the sidelines for awhile before being presented the game ball. We were so excited for him, and doted on him and the ball the whole rest of the game. We just kept saying "Imagine Dad as a little freshman sitting in the student section and look at him now-on the field at the rivalry game getting the game ball!!" No matter who I wanted to win I knew this was a real treat for my Ute loving Dad.

At half time we got free hot chocolate, popcorn, more unlimited Diet Coke and the bathrooms didn't even have lines. Really now that I've been spoiled by the suite I'm not sure how I'll cope from the stands. We spent the rest of half time trying to take pictures of Dad with the game ball and completely embarrassing him in the process.

The rest of the game was eventful. At half time the realization him me that we could be pushing midnight by the time ended. Then what would happen? I sent out a tweet wondering if BYU would have to forfeit if the game went past midnight, on the Sabbath. Especially after that wonderful CES fireside on not checking our religion at the door!

Well, I don't need to recap what happened at the end of the game. 3 chances to field goal, and 3 opportunities missed. It was tragic for my boys in blue. Although I'm convinced that Cecil or Tom must have been praying for the game to end-I'd hate to have to make the "play past midnight?" decision. Near the end of the 4th quarter my mom looked at me and said-"I just realized that you've probably felt guilty this entire game." The slight smile from me confirmed her suspicion.

And although I was completely conflicted about BYU and Utah and where and whom I loved most I was a little happy that Utah won so that my dad could do this:

Present the Deseret Duel trophy. And talk to Kyle. (I love Kyle!) And celebrate a victory right there on the field with the players, fans, students and city of Salt Lake. It was a big night for Dad.

And honestly that was what calmed my conflicted heart-Dad got to do a lot of really cool stuff at this game, and I could not have been happier for him. It's pretty rare that this guy gets to do what he wants (he has 3 daughters!) and even more rare that Dad gets any attention (he avoids it at all costs) so  it was pretty great to see him having a good time.

And loving me even though I looked like this:

Let it be stated though-that Dad does have a little soft spot in his heart for BYU. It's grown from a love of me, an opportunity to go to Notre Dame, Tom Holmoe's kindness, and their caffeine-free Diet Coke supply. In fact when he was down here the other day he even came up with a great idea for a new sweatshirt "My Daughter and My Money go to BYU". Creative right?

Thanks for loving me no matter who I cheer for Dad. You really are the best!

Past games here, here and here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yesterday started off kind of awful. I had a major technology crisis. Aren't those just the worst kind? Also I was busy throwing all of my energy into being optimistic about my future, graduation, figuring out what the heck I'm going to do after April, and dismissing comments about my age, lack of boyfriend, dating habits, and lack of passion. 
(seriously sometimes people must have no idea how they sound)

By noon yesterday I was convinced it was going to be a rough week around here. 

Luckily an unplanned visit from my Megan Anne was exactly what I needed and as we sat at the table in the window, the early autumn sun shining on us I realized that my life is truly wonderful.

I also decided that it's time again for a favorite tradition around here. So without further ado....

10 Things Making Me Terribly Happy:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Story Told By Pictures

 It started as cute picture of us girls...

 Then Ed jumped in, and I thought he was putting something in my hair..
 In actuality it was just his cake... Oh but welcome to the photo Ryan.
 And naturally I had to lick the cake off my fingers.
 Now, there is a lot to like about these photos like the faces we're all making, the awful lighting, the weird crease in my hair and remembering how mad Ed got that I put my fingers in his cake.

However the very best part may be that Natalie's face never changes, in all the pictures it is the exact same, despite the craziness happening she is determined to smile. ha ha ha

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Come to Zion

Friday the family all ventured down from Sandy, to Provo, to Ceder City and finally to Zion's Ponderosa Ranch for a fun filled weekend. It was so nice to all be together, now that we're all over the state, and enjoy a beautiful weekend together.

We had a blast jeeping, going on an ATV tour, playing Uno, enjoying the scenery, swimming, playing pool, riding the zip line, relaxing, watching friends, taking naps (any vacation with naps is a good one), blasting some Taylor Swift on the drive, mini golfing and just being together.

It was a wonderful weekend-a great send off to summer with the warm busy days, and lovely welcome to fall with the smores and sweaters. We couldn't have had a better weekend together.

Of course I can't narrow down the pictures to an acceptable amount, so settle in. There are a lot.

This one might be my favorite.

Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful weekend! I loved getting to hang out with everyone!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn is Here

How do you decide it's officially Autumn? Is it when school starts? Or perhaps when you have to grab a cardigan as you leave in the morning?

For me there is not a simple start date, it instead is a feeling that creeps up slowly. It's the culmination of the back to school excitement, of lights shining bright over the 100 yard field, it's the slow creeping of color that makes its way down the mountain inching ever closer to the Y, and ever closer to my very own street. Autumn is the desire to hunker down with a good book and a good drink and get cozy. It is the desire to wear all the sweaters, boots and scarfs I can find. It's an actual need for things pumpkin spice or apple caramel. It's this yearning I have to receive a "bouquet of newly sharpened pencils" and to flip through Time's filled with political excitement. It's the beautiful contrast of grey skies and colored leaves. It's quiet, productive afternoons that fade into cool, exciting evenings.

Now, I know all of those things haven't quite happened yet but like I said-it's a feeling, and right now it is all that I'm feeling. So for me at least autumn is here. I was born for autumn. It brings out the most me parts of myself, it is where I am most comfortable.

So I think I'll embrace it now (some may say a little early) and hold on to it until the December snow brings a change in the air.

Yes. That sounds like a lovely plan.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" 
 -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby