Thursday, September 6, 2012

Come to Zion

Friday the family all ventured down from Sandy, to Provo, to Ceder City and finally to Zion's Ponderosa Ranch for a fun filled weekend. It was so nice to all be together, now that we're all over the state, and enjoy a beautiful weekend together.

We had a blast jeeping, going on an ATV tour, playing Uno, enjoying the scenery, swimming, playing pool, riding the zip line, relaxing, watching friends, taking naps (any vacation with naps is a good one), blasting some Taylor Swift on the drive, mini golfing and just being together.

It was a wonderful weekend-a great send off to summer with the warm busy days, and lovely welcome to fall with the smores and sweaters. We couldn't have had a better weekend together.

Of course I can't narrow down the pictures to an acceptable amount, so settle in. There are a lot.

This one might be my favorite.

Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful weekend! I loved getting to hang out with everyone!

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