Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Linked Lovelies

Today I added staying here to my bucket list.

It's a wonderful time right now for many reasons-not the least of which is the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Currently I'm lusting after this beauty.

The Olympics are here! And yes, they're making ache for London... I've spent the weekend glued to the TV and marveling over the fact that Bob Costas does not age. (HE IS 60?!?!)  When I'm not watching them on TV I'm using this app to stay up to date.
Lately work, driving, cleaning and writing have consisted of these four songs on repeat.

And now can anyone please tell me how I can get one of these? We're talking free diet coke for a year people.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Best Friends Wedding

London gave me so many wonderful things. Among the very most wonderful though is my dear friend Jenna. For me Jenna is one of those people who I know I was just meant to be friends with. She gets me in this rare and awesome way. There have been so many times during the course of our friendship when Jenna will be talking about something in her life and I think "No way. I thought I was the only one who did that/felt that way/drinks that much diet coke/enjoys randomly painting and building forts" Funny as it may sound these talks with Jenna have been some of the greatest. Jenna is someone who has helped me to become more happy with who I am, through her example of being happy with who she is. She really is the greatest.
And Jenna, well she is so in love with Mike. I feel blessed that by being friends with Jenna I was also able to become friends with Mike. He is a great guy (remember this), and the relationship that the two of them have is such a strong, caring and beautiful one.
So, it was very exciting this past week when Jenna and Mike were (finally) married!!!

It was such a joy to be able to share their wedding day with them, and see them both so happy.

Oh, and the wedding day was absolutely stunning. From the couple themselves, to the centerpieces at the reception-every little detail was just beautiful.
*Photo cred for this one goes to Carly

Congratulations Mike and Jenna. I love you guys, and could not be more happy for you.
I can't wait to see what life has in store for you two.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

RE: California

California was everything, and more, that I dreamed it would be to me this time around. I got to spend time with lovely people who I adore, dig my toes into the sand at the beach, and be a part of a wedding for two people that I love. (more to come on that soon)
But for now here are a few photos, and little letters of love and thanks. 

Dear Melinda,
Thanks for letting us stay in your home this past week. I felt so welcome and loved by you and your family and it really meant so much to me. Thanks for taking us to the beach, for the countless tacos and other meals, diet cokes, introducing me to styrofoam bagel me cups, the cookies, picking us up at the mall, all the laughter,  the pedicure and sharing Jenna with us during these days leading up to the wedding. It meant so much to be able to share in this exciting time with you guys, and I can not thank you enough.

PS Also thank you for the invitation to move in. You know I'd love to, but I should probably finish school first. Until then can we settle for frequent weekend visits?

Dear Greg,
Thanks for letting us laugh at your e-mail draft, and for putting up with the scent of nail polish and sound of chick flicks in your home. You handle being out numbered like a champ. You were so welcoming, and could always make me laugh(even if there was a hurricane brewing). Being able to spend the week in your home was so wonderful, and I can't tell you thanks enough.

Dear Carly,
Thank you for making me laugh! Sorry we didn't get to watch Revenge of the Bridesmaids, that I teased you so much about your maid of honor duties,  and for waking you up Jenna style (your mom insisted). I hope you know that I loved being able to hang out with you this last week! Thanks for being my California navigator, and for the flower arranging tips. You are the greatest and I miss you already!

Dear beach,

I ache for you already.

Dear Brad and Brittney,
Hanging out with you at the reception was a highlight of the trip! It was so good to see you. Thanks for coming, and for being the best groomsmen ever. I can't wait to have you both back in Provo soon!

Dear Toll Road Ticketers,
Please, please, please have mercy on this Utah girl and don't give me a ticket.

PS-$6.50?! Seriously?!

Dear Grace and Jean,
You are such good friends to make the drive and come to the reception. I loved seeing you guys and catching up! I hope you enjoyed San Francisco!

Dear Natalie,
You are the best driver for stuck in traffic situations, as well as the most patient one for when your passenger has to use the bathroom. You are also a great navigator, DJ, partner in crime, beach buddy, roommate, shopping companion, and friend. I'm glad we got to go on this little adventure together!

Dear Jenna,
Thanks for letting us hang out, and inviting me to be a part of your big day. It meant so much to be able to spend some time with you before the wedding. The talks on the beach, watching you pack for Hawaii, and time spent just hanging out were absolutely wonderful. You handled everything this week with such grace, and you really were the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. I love you and could not be more happy for you and Mike.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rodeo Round 2

Before this summer I had only been to 1 rodeo in my entire life.

It ended with one sister in tears, the other wanting to join the protesters, free loafs of bread, and my dad swearing we would never do that again.

However a couple months back he changed his mind-and decided it was time we experience a real rodeo.

And that is how we ended up in Oakley, UT for their rodeo on Friday.

Now I'll admit that I was not expecting to really enjoy it-some of the events are a little rough, and the jokes a little weak. However,  I'm not sure whether it was the company, the beautiful scenery or a subconscious inner country girl coming out (highly doubtful) but somehow I managed to have so much fun.

At a rodeo.

Who knew?

Thanks for giving us another shot Dad. It was a blast.

Friday, July 6, 2012

How I've Been Spending my Summer...

A rodeo. Fancy dinner. Frozen hot chocolate. Farmers market. Midnight Spiderman premiere. A girls trip to the zoo. Rediscovering long lost leggings. Pool time. 7 peaks. Gossip Girl marathons. Sliding Rock. A political fundraiser. A giant slip n slide. Fireworks. BBQs. Hilarious face time conversations. Bike rides. Drive in movies. Hikes. Lazy afternoons. Late nights. "Family" and family dinners. Trips to the library. Ice cream for lunch.
Sounds like a dream right?

One of the questions in my Q&A Five Year Journal was "What could you live without right now?"

Last year I answered-"40 hour work weeks. 30 would be divine."

And you know what, it sure is.

Absolutely divine.

I don't care if he is apple certified-it's still blurry.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

right now, it's raining

It is beautiful, and clean, and exactly what I've been pleading for.

There is something about the rain that makes me feel more like myself.
And I couldn't be happier to see the grey skies and feel the water on my face.

God is so good, and I am so grateful.