Friday, July 6, 2012

How I've Been Spending my Summer...

A rodeo. Fancy dinner. Frozen hot chocolate. Farmers market. Midnight Spiderman premiere. A girls trip to the zoo. Rediscovering long lost leggings. Pool time. 7 peaks. Gossip Girl marathons. Sliding Rock. A political fundraiser. A giant slip n slide. Fireworks. BBQs. Hilarious face time conversations. Bike rides. Drive in movies. Hikes. Lazy afternoons. Late nights. "Family" and family dinners. Trips to the library. Ice cream for lunch.
Sounds like a dream right?

One of the questions in my Q&A Five Year Journal was "What could you live without right now?"

Last year I answered-"40 hour work weeks. 30 would be divine."

And you know what, it sure is.

Absolutely divine.

I don't care if he is apple certified-it's still blurry.

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Sera said...

it sounds like you are a having a dream summer! also i miss you!