Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Days Without Naps

Naps are one of my very favorite things! There is something exhilarating in sleeping during the day when you should be working! It makes it exciting, and gives it an almost dangerous/adventurous feeling. It also makes me feel very rested and I always wake up feeling amazing. I've been having trouble sleeping though so I'm not allowed to take naps for a couple of days to see if it helps. Anyways you know how the minute your told you can't have something you want it super bad. Like when your a little kid and your mom says you can only have one cookie, all of a sudden a second cookie becomes the greatest treasure you can imagine. Well since I've decided to not take naps all I want in the world is to take a nap! So, to distract myself here are the things I've been doing lately to keep from taking one:

*Drink Diet Coke(this is very helpful due to the caffeine making me more awake, and its delicious, and not supplied at BYU so I still get that dangerous/adventure feeling when I drink it in my dorm)

*Go to the gym(OK I probably would not have done this on my own but thanks to my diligent roommate who just got a Gold's pass I had someone to inspire me to go. Although this actually made me more tired I felt like I got something done-and I was able to justify the bread pudding I ate later in the day by thinking back on all those calories I burned)

*Blog... Have you noticed I've been doing this more lately...

*Facebook-The great time waster in my life, but oh how I love it!

*Study/Do Homework (This is on here for dad... I do do this, sometimes...)

*Visit some friends in the tent they are camping out in outside the Marriot Center. The things these boys do just to get amazing seats at the BYU/Utah game-they started camping out last night and the game isn't even until Saturday for goodness sake!

Overall I'm finding these methods for using my time in ways other then taking a nap quite effective! Oh and did I mention I started going to bed earlier too! Oh the benefits of not napping!

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