Monday, February 16, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile This Week:

~Buying chicken legs with cash only from Miguel, and counting how many came in a box
~Sleeping in
~Watching Liz get baptised!
~Valentines flowers from daddy
~Double Chick flick day at the movies with my mom and sisters
~Getting my oil changed without getting in trouble for never checking my oil(to be honest I probably couldn't even find it in this car :) Dad-remember that you love me and miss me! ha ha)
~Discovering a new favorite song. Its called Winter Song and its the first one on my play list at the bottom of the page
~Reading about Naomi Grace, an amazing story of my cousin and the baby she adopted
~Not having class on Monday
~Being with my family so much!
I love my family, and coming home. Family-thanks for always letting me, and for all you do for me, especially lately! I also love the food you get me when I'm home, my big comfy bed there, that you pay to take me to movies and the free washer and dryer at our house... Of course those are just added bonuses to spending time with the best family in the world though! I love you guys!

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Shane said...

WE loved having you home also. Sorry I missed out on the chick flicks, well I'm really not, but I did love seeing all the women in my life go have fun.

Study hard and remember that I'm proud of you. Again, STUDY HARD!