Monday, July 1, 2013


I have been awful at blogging this month. I hope that means I've just been too busy living! However, June has been an absolute dream, I just had to pay tribute to that. So, what better way then a little happy list...

10 Things that Made me Terribly Happy This Month:

1-Having time to read for pleasure.

2-Max Brenner, Serendipity and naps at the pool in Las Vegas:

3-Buying a ticket to the Lumineers concert

4-Helping this lovely couple get engaged

5-My $3 investment in frosting tips

6-One of my favorite friends coming up to Sandy for a visit

7-Lots of family time (including family pictures)

8- Being done with our major cleaning/yard work projects

9-Listening to this girl talk in church (twice!) and seeing her get ready for her mission

10-Spending time with this guy


Jordan said...

I love everything about this list :) Can't wait to double again soon!!

robyne said...

just having you home makes me terribly happy!!!

allisonmarie said...

Oh oh oh I just love this. I don't know why it has been so long since I've ever looked at anyone's blog (including my own) but this can never happen again. I am officially stalking you (virtually and otherwise) forever!