Monday, September 15, 2014

Passport to Provo

Google Fiber. BYU Football games. Sodalicious Dirty Diet Cokes. Sweet Tooth Fairy Samoa Cookies.

These are just a few of the glorious things that Provo has within it's city limits. Well, someone in Provo decided that this city needed something else to make them awesome-they needed to hold the world record for the biggest scavenger hunt ever.

So, they decided to put on Passport to Provo. Basically it was a huge scavenger hunt where teams walked around downtown Provo with their "passports" getting stamps at local businesses, and after completing different tasks.

Well scavenger hunts are right up my alley-so Nate and I formed "Team Rau" and off we went, to assist in braking a world record. We had a great day sampling sweet potato fries at Guru's, petting puppies curtsey of Rent a Puppy, cleaning up trash in North Park, and of course sampling a new concoction at Sodalicious and coming up with a great name for it. It was a wonderful adventure.

Although we're no longer students in Provo-and have fully moved on to the next stage of our Provo life-the stage of living in a neighborhood, and avoiding student hangouts-we sure had fun at this huge event. And yes, the world record was broken!

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