Friday, July 23, 2010

Parents: I Love You a Million Plumb Cardigans

Remember when I wrote this post?

I had just gotten back from a day long adventure from Provo to Salt Lake. It involved hair cuts, a TV that weighs more then the car we carried it in, and a trip to the Gateway with a new love for beautiful clothes. I was growing into myself as far as style goes, and learning what it is I love.

Since then I've had some rough times.

I've not always been making the progress I'd like to in the area of discovering who I am, and who I want to be. I fall short in many areas more then I'd like to admit. But that day when I wrote that post I got a glimpse of the woman I wanted to be. And you may think it shallow that part of that has to do with beautiful clothes, but honestly, the clothes are just a stepping stone. I knew that if I was wearing something I found beautiful I would have more self confidence, and maybe even begin to think I was beautiful.

Today we went shopping. At first it was depressing, with nothing fitting how I want it to. I'm not the most happy with my body these days, and my hair is often disastrous, combine all that with the "I just ate way too much" guilt and I was near tears in the dressing room.

Then came j. crew. For awhile it was the same story there too. But then I zipped a cute pair of pants up(backwards but that's irrelevant), placed on the plum cardigan, and stepped out of the dressing room. Suddenly the large mirror didn't seem so mocking. My legs didn't look so bad. My hair even kinda worked in it's odd messy bun way.

I smiled. I felt beautiful. I felt confident.

I am a believer in beautiful clothes. Not because it's what the "cool kids" may wear. Not because I want others to like the way I look, or think I'm beautiful (although I'm not discouraging that). No, I am a believer in beautiful clothes because they help me see the beauty in myself. And later, when I'm just laying around in my sweats writing a blog post about those clothes-that others may see as fickle or shallow-that beautiful feeling is still there.

Yes I believe in beautiful clothes. More so though I believe in the beauty that comes from learning that it's not really the clothes at all, but the girl within.

I have a long way to go, but with the help of my bargain finds, I'm ready to continue on the journey of becoming the confident, beautiful woman I want to be....

And each step of the journey will now be all the more easy walking in my new Sperrys. :)


Stacie said...

Post Pictures! I wanna see this plum cardigan!

robyne said...

plum cardigan - schmardigan, you are always beautiful, you just don't realize it!