Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our First Month of Marriage

We celebrated our first month of marriage at the Oregon coast (more on that later). It was celebrated as days on vacation often are-about halfway through the day I casually wondered, "hmm, what day is it? What's the date?" I then realized.  I looked at my handsome husband, and said "happy one month". We smiled, as he put his arm around me and pulled me close.

A whole month of marriage! I  mean, in the grand scheme of this eternity that we've promised to each other it's a pretty minor length, however a month is a month.

And what a month it was!

We unwrapped presents, went on Target gift card shopping sprees, and got all sorts of settled into our little, happy home.

We made a trip to the Emergency Room-complete with seven stitches.

We treked down to St. George to take in the beauty of God's creations, while listening to his mouthpieces' beautiful words.

We started good habits-of reading scriptures together, of praying together, of Family Home Evenings.

We celebrated Easter-died eggs and all.

We learned that someone steals covers, and pillows, while the other is easily spooked by quiet "hellos". 

We've experienced the fatigue of finals, the joy of lazy Sundays and the satisfaction of a delicious meal.

It's been a happy month, establishing a home with this man. I've come to know him better, and love him even more.

So happy one month to us! Here's to an eternity more!

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