Sunday, August 31, 2008

My First Few Days in Cougar County...

Jessica, Rachelle and I at the big football game! Look how close our seats were!
Goofing off around campus!
Me in my cute dorm room with cute bedding!
My desk area complete with lots of pictures of my friends and family
Our awesome quote board and callendar. Our quote board consists of things that have been said by us and our friends throughout the fist little bit... Its amazing how many funny things can be said in just a few days!
Well its official.. I am now a college coed! (I feel really old saying that) I moved into my dorm at Helaman Halls right on the campus of BYU on Wednesday. It was so exciting getting everything all put away and making it mine. After moving in, arranging furniture and pictures, buying books and hanging up clothes I was ready to have some fun. That night i went to an outdoor movie and BBQ as a part of New Student Orientation. The next two days were full of all sorts of fun activities for New Student Orientation including, Devotionals, Tradition of Honor(where we learned exactly what is against the honor code in a fun kinda way..) a special class our specific colleges(in my case the college of nursing-where i learned all about what it takes to get into the program, what the program consists of, and what it takes to be a nurse.. good thing I'm so tough. GRRR-dad that was for you), playing sardines in the library, get to know you games, eating at the delicious Cannon Center, womens volleyball games and much more. Yesterday my roomie Rachelle and I decided to walk around and find all our classes before the big season opener against Northern Iowa. That was easier said than done though and I'm kinda worried my lovely roomie won't be my roomie much longer with her sense of direction, or lack thereof! After walking what seemed like miles back and forth around campus we decided to use our sweet meal card and get lunch at the new Legends Grill. It was delicious, and I especially liked all the plasma screen TVs showing different football games, or I guess I could just say one football game-my Utes at Michighan! After that we decied to come back and get ready for our schools big game. Now, I love love love footaball but I was a little worried how I would like "college football". I've grown up going to the games but after attending so many high school games and I fell in love with the sound of the cheers and the way the field looks all lit up at night, so I wasn't quite sure I would like the experience of College football as much. In some ways I don't... but football is still football, and so I loved it! I had an awesome time sitting with my friends, attempting to learn the fight song, and cheering on my Cougars! After the game I went out to dinner at Cafe Rio (big mistake because of traffic-but totally worth it!) and headed to the big Dance/Dating Game/Volleyball big blow out party for the end of New Student Orientation. It's been a fun week, but I'm really excited to get class started. I went to church in my new student ward today, which was a new and amazing experience. As I'm experiencing all these new things I'm very excited for things to get going, and for whats coming up in my life!


Shane said...

Cool blog spot Nicole. Sure are proud of you and what you're doing. Keep the blog up so I know what your up to. You'll do just great. Dad

Nicole said...

Oh I will keep up the blog.. now if i could only get you guys to keep up the family one! jk

robyne said...

okay I will try to get on the fam blog....but I've been busy too!