Monday, September 1, 2008

The 10 Best Things About Going Home

10-Taking a Sunday Nap!! (This week wore me out and I slept for like three hours!)
9- Einsteins Bagels for Breakfast
8-Doing laundry without having to worry about it
7-Mom's homemade Sunday dinner (loved the Hawaiian Haystacks)
6-Sleeping in my HUGE bed! ( I really miss it...)
5-Going to see Errand of Angels with my family, and finally being able to have a caffeinated diet coke!
4-Watching Chris, Zach and Megan play the Wii Olympics
3-Getting my new car!! I'm in love with my cute little shiny red Mazda 3!!
2-Hanging out with some of my favorite cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandma-oh and dog!
1-Spending the day with my awesome family!! I love you guys!


robyne said...

It was so good to have you home and all to ourselves for a day...good luck with classes today!
I love you!

Shane said...

Glad to hear classes went so good'll do great. I love reading your blog and keeping up on your excitmen.

Remember to be tough (grrrr) and that we love you!