Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dorm Room Decorating

Before: Boring white cork board....
After: Fun!
Bright colors!
Lots of pictures!

I have a confession... I'm addicted to pictures! Since serving as the Student Body Historian I have fallen in love with not just photography but pictures themselves. I've taken thousands over the last year, and I love them all. Each one reminds me of a specific time or place and when I look at these pictures it takes me back there. I also love decorating. I believe that how a space looks has a huge influence on your feelings-and I try to surround myself in places that make me happy to be there. My love for this convinced me up until about a year ago that I was going to become an Interior Designer. I've since changed my mind and fully plan on become a nurse. I will however, be a nurse who has two great hobbies: interior design and photography.

The dorms here at Helaman Hall are well....boring. I don't mean the activities, the girls, the games, the late night chats, the floor meetings, the constant boy talk and race to get to the showers first. I literally mean Helaman Halls. Plain red brick on the outside, plain white paint on the walls. Drab blue carpet, plain wood desks. White showers, blue chairs. After thinking about it for awhile I came to the decision that if I was going to be living here for the next year I needed to make it my space! Decorating in a dorm gets tricky though-you can't use paint, tape, nails or any of your other average decorating tools. I was not going to let that stop me though... Soon I came to the conclusion how I could turn my boring desk space into a fun place to be! I got some average scrapbook paper, with bright colors and designs, and stapled them on the cork board surrounding my desk. I also used a brand of University approved putty to apply them to the boring white wall by my desk. I then gathered some of my favorite pictures and stuck them on top of the paper, on the cork board. Its fun to look up from my homework and see a picture of my best friends, or family! I'm so glad that I took on this little project and for the effect its had on my room-and despite it being the place where I study-I actually like being at my desk now!


Mandy said...

You are so creative!!! I love it! Love you!

Shane said...

Looks great! Sure makes your room more like the fun you we all love and appreciate. Glad your getting into college...still, and always, proud of you.

robyne said...

Great job! It really does look more like your own space now...bright and beautiful. Just like you!

Meet the Falkners said...

Awesome! It looks great. makes me want to do some redecorating around here. Very creative thinking I must say!