Monday, January 12, 2009

Back at BYU

Back to the classes, the snow wars, the quizzes, the pranks
Back to apartment hunting, the girl talk till all hours of the night, the Cannon's food
Back to Happy Valley, the lack of REAL Diet Coke, the Beto's runs, and hitting the snooze button
Back to hanging with the four I missed the most, LOTR: FOTR, to homework
Back to the cold walk up the hill, the boring lectures, the loud dorm
Back to laughing so hard I cry, dancing till it hurts, and never sleeping
Back to this crazy thing that is my life here at BYU
And as much as I LOVE being home, I'm happy to be back :)


Shane said...

Glad you're having fun back at school...I think? I'm sure you do all of those fun things after your boring lectures, lab work and homework...right?

Nicole said...

ha ha ha always daddy :)