Monday, February 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Right Now

Tomorrow is Valentines day. And I thought I'd celebrate today by sharing with you a little list(you know how I love lists) so, here is.....
a little list of what I'm loving:
(What you forgot? Don't worry-Zooey still loves you)

-This underrated song from my girl Adele. It was love at first listen when the album came out. (It is also my favorite one to belt while driving down I-15)

-These love stories from a favorite blogger of mine. She is telling us about 5 great loves of her life, and due to her beautiful writing I've found myself falling in love with them too.

 -Diet coke. (duh) and pink nails. 

-Ms. Underwood's Grammy gown. Flawless. 

-Having all of my roommates back in 231. Not that "N Squared Weekend: Round 1" wasn't a blast-Just that it feels empty without them all around.

-Dancing around the kitchen to rap.

-Pretending that the above sentence didn't doesn't happen.

-My new denim shirt that I finally found. Well to be fair Natalie actually found it for me. And her. Alright we each bought the same shirt.
-Not actually doing my hair.

-My mom's text reviews of the Grammys:

Mom: Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, and Glen Campbell and Paul McCartney... It is the geriatric night at the Grammys
Mom: Adele was awesome!
Mom: Tay Swift was good too!
Mom: Blake & Miranda are so cute!
Mom: Carrie and her voice are so pretty!
Mom: Riannah looks skanky!
Mom: Jennifer Hudson did good too!
Mom: OK NIKKI IS CREEPY! It was C. R. A. P.

(I know.. she is pretty cool)

-This recipe. Trust me-you want to make this now, and eat it while it's hot!

and last but definitely most important...

-The people I'm surrounded by
(wonderful roommates, friends from home, friends who live in Texas or Hawaii, my family, girls that go see the Vow with me, the sweethearts next door, the roommates' boyfriends who inhabit our home, my dear parents, BYU friends, saints who give me rides to/from church, my great boss, people who compliment my hair, my sisters, friends who e-mail from J-Ru, and the awesome people in my ward)

I hope you're life is full of things you love as well! 
Happy Valentines Day.

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Mikhael said...

Nicole London. I miss you so much it hurts. I love how happy you sound :)