Friday, March 23, 2012


My birthday was Monday. I was kind of sad about the whole not being in California any more thing, but if I had to return at least it was to streamers, diet coke, sweet cards, texts, presents, flowers, treats and family time.

Aren't my roommates just the sweetest?
It was a great day! It was nothing fancy-just work and school, lunch at Zupas and then dinner as a family. 

And as always they were too sweet and spoiled me a little.

abbie paige! how did we not get a picture together... we'll have to take one next time.
Oh and I got a bike!! I couldn't be more excited to use it this Summer!

 Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes, I really do have the greatest people in my life.

And thanks to my sweet family for my wonderful gifts. I love being surprised, and the bike was a big surprise! I'm so excited about it! Love you.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

You got a BIKE!?!?!?!!!
me. you. nat.
this is your ticket to ride.