Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 Things Making Me Terribly Happy

1-The parade of homes with my mom and sisters
2-232 is back, and ready to do what they want this Fall.
   Which may or may not include hanging out with me until 2:00am.
3-Afternoon naps
4-The green dress-easily my best purchase of the summer.
5-The Olympics. Really it's ridiculous how happy these make me.
6-Humans of New York. These photos are stunning. (this one is my favorite)
7-Bob Costas. I get this patriotic feeling from hearing his voice.
8-Purchasing my All-Sports pass-football will be here before we know it!
9-That this girl is back!
   And in true Ash fashion she arrived with a Diet Coke for me.
10-Tonight this is happening with my favorite people.

I'm one happy, happy, happy girl.

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