Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On My Mind.

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But especially these days when all I do is sit on the couch and watch the Olympics. I've missed London for quite some time but I've found that seeing it everyday from thousands of miles away has only made it worse. I now long for it.

Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago that I was living there enjoying the city, listening to Ben chime, talking walks around, seeing the country, and living on Palace Court.

To remind myself that it really did happen, and to soothe my longing heart I've been pulling out my old journals, and blog posts, as well as some pictures.

Here are a few of my pictures that have gotten me through, reminded me that London was not just a dream, and motivate me to get back there as soon as possible.


robyne said...

Hey Sweetie, so who knows what your future holds, but I am betting that you will at some point go back to London, who knows, maybe you will even live there again for a time. I just feel that you will return at some point! For now be sooooo grateful for that incredible experience (I know you are grateful) I am glad you were able to go too!!
The Mother

Lauren said...

Oh sheesh, this kills me. The Olympics have really done a number on me this time haha.