Monday, October 1, 2012

Love List

This post about bagels. Because I am, in fact, quite the bagel snob.
The best part of this article:
 "Love was finding someone to eat a bagel with."
So true-And speaking of bagels-if you have an Einstein's near your proximity it is imperative for your soul to go there now and get a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin schemer. Don't question just do it.

This coat. Really though I've become obsessed with finding an olive coat ever since I ripped this out of the fall jcrew catalogue and hung it on my wall. It's my fall inspiration:
 At less than half the price though this one is much more likely a reality.

This made me laugh. And we Mormons need to laugh at ourselves a little more.

This is the best purchase I've made in quite awhile. Splurge for the iTunes deluxe version-the extra tracks are more than worth it.

Can we interrupt this post to just say that hey-this has been a good couple months for music! The Imagine Dragons album, the Killers, The Avett Brothers and now Mumford. Good stuff.

These cookies are one my favorites and they are a hit around here. I plan on making plenty this beautiful fall.

This weekend is my very favorite weekend of the entire year. It's Fall General Conference. There is nothing I love more than the crisp fall air, cuddling in my home with good food, family, and the voice of the men I most admire giving me real counsel from a loving Heavenly Father. To prepare I've been reading  a few recent favorites: here, here and here.

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robyne said...

Speaking of Love.... I love you and I love this post!!