Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recent Discoveries

*This blog.

*This speech.

Not only does he have great hair, good experience in job creation, a winning smile, charm and the true gospel... but we can now add "wit" to the list.

And lets face it-witty words more than anything else are the way to my heart. Enjoy.

*This packing list-so helpful. It makes me want to pack up my stuff and head on an adventure.

*My newly inherited iPhone has a much prettier screen then my previous white one. However it came with a nice thick manly case to match its previous user. Upon using it today though I made a shocking discovery. If you hold it up to your face in just the right way you can still smell the Polo cologne that it's previous owner uses every. single. day.

And suddenly I'm not too keen to buy a prettier case. I'm nothing if not nostalgic.

*These prints would look fabulous in my room. Or anywhere for that matter.

*This song. One of my favorites on her new album.

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