Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Date Night!

Wedding planning. Homework. Invitation addressing. Studying. Wedding Crafting. Working. Commuting. Apartment hunting.
Life is pretty busy these days.

Luckily Nate and I have been pretty good about not letting ourselves get too stressed out by our various  responsibilities. One of my favorite ways to avoid stress is to take the time to just be together-or as I like to call it "Date Night."

For us, date nights don't have to be anything too fancy-some are as simple as enjoying a movie on Netflix together (most recently the new documentary Mitt-I highly recommend it). This past Friday date night, however, was pretty exciting.

First we redeemed a great living social deal and in return we reached full-fledged "grown up" status.

Yep-we got a Costco Membership.

 It was pretty exciting!! 

After splitting a Very Berry Smoothie it was off to Creativity-a great art studio in Provo where you can pick and paint ceramics. 

Nate and I decided to each paint a cereal (or ice cream...) bowl. However, we decided that we should paint it for each other. It was so fun to come up with ideas of what the other person would like on their bowl, and work hard to create something nice for each other. On Nate's bowl I painted us backpacking Timp (something Nate is really wanting to do this Summer), and on mine he painted my soon-to-be new name, and the London skyline. He knows me well!

It was honestly so much fun! And we can hardly wait to pick up our bowls after they've been fired, or to hit up Costco for some samples. 

My favorite part of the night though was definitely just spending time with Nate. I love how good we've been at enjoying this engaged stage of our relationship-we really are having a great time getting to know each other even better, spending time together, and looking forward to our future. 

A future which will include, I've been assured, many date nights. 

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Natalie said...

oh my gosh... his london skyline you've gotta be kidding me... he did not free hand that!! it turned out so so good!!