Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our First Valentines Day

I have always adored Valentines Day. Such a wonderful idea-a day devoted to telling people how much you love them! This year it was especially great-because it was my first Valentines Day with Nate.

It was a pretty low key weekend for us, but it was absolutely perfect. We got to sign on our first apartment together on Valentines day. Although we won't be living there until we're married, we were so excited to find a place that we both really like.

Our home is behind us... well, we'll live in the basement, but still-isn't it beautiful?

After that we headed up to Solider Hollow and went tubing. It was a blast. We finished the night off with 5 Guys, which may be a new tradition. Who wants to wait forever to get in somewhere nice? 

And of course the day was full of beautiful flowers. Nate got me beautiful red roses, Dad gave me his annual pink roses, and I won an arrangement of peonies from an instagram giveaway!

Flowers, Nate, and a whole lot of love. It was the perfect Valentines day. I can't wait to spend my life sharing Valentines with him.

My winnings on Instagram

Oh-and our favorite sister missionary sent us this awesome IU t-shirts as a Valentine present. Everyone in the family got t-shirts, but she made sure that Nate and I had matching ones. Thanks Abbie!

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