Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Last of the Bump

At this point my bump is nothing more than a memory-replaced by a darling, chubby, perfect little baby boy. I couldn't move on in my blog though until I finished documenting my bump though. I loved watching my body grow and change throughout my pregnancy. I was blessed with a love for my body and my bump while pregnant. How could I not love my body-knowing the miracle it was performing. 
As much as I loved this bump though, I absolutely love what was growing in it a million times more. 

Twenty-six Weeks

Twenty-seven Weeks

Twenty-eight Weeks

Twenty-nine Weeks

Thirty Weeks

Thirty-one Weeks

Thirty-two Weeks

Thirty-three Weeks

Thirty-four Weeks

Thirty-five Weeks

Thirty-six Weeks

Thirty-seven Weeks

Thirty-eight Weeks

Thirty-nine Weeks

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